Can You Vacuum Seal Edibles?

Taking care of the various items that you keep in your kitchen or cabinets is often easier when you use a quality vacuum sealer to protect them.

This can be true of medications as well as foods and also applies to other household supplies that might not stay fresh when stored in their original packaging.

You might have already used your vacuum sealer to protect things like makeup and hair products, but you could be wondering if you might also be able to use it to keep your edibles fresh.

The good news is that your edibles will stay fresh for so much longer if you use a vacuum sealer to store them. After all, they are often stored in some form of a vacuum sealed bag when you get them from the store.

Edibles that have been stored in this manner can last significantly longer than when they are stored in their original packaging.

If you are ready to learn some more about how to store your edibles with a vacuum sealer, you need to keep reading!

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Sealing Different Kinds of Edibles With a Vacuum Sealer

There are various forms of edibles that you might be trying to store with your vacuum sealer. Thankfully, all of the various kinds of edibles will store well with a vacuum sealer on your side.

You might just need to have different bag styles to protect different kinds of edibles more effectively. Vacuum sealing solutions will always be much more effective for any kind of edible than any Tupperware or other storage bag might be.

Storing edibles that are in the form of baked goods often necessitates a little extra preparation than what would be necessary for candies or gummy edibles.

Just make sure that you wash your hands first before you store things like brownies or other baked goods that are actually edibles.

The bacteria from your hands can get sealed into the bag with your edibles, and this can lead to them going bad despite being stored in a vacuum sealed bag.

When storing edibles that are baked goods, make sure that you do not store too many items in one bag. When things with some innate moisture get clumped together in a vacuum sealed bag, they can mold or grow other kinds of bacteria.

You will want to be sure that the texture is not impacted by your sealing method as well. Make sure to keep your batches small and to make sure that they are in neat and flat rows inside the bag.

If you are storing candy-style edibles or gummies, you will not need to be as careful as you would with baked goods. Do make sure that you still wash your hands before you start sealing your edibles.

It is never a good policy to seal bacteria into the vacuum sealing bags, no matter what you are storing in them. Make sure that you separate the candy or gummy items as much as possible for the best results when storing them with a vacuum sealer.

You should also consider separating your stored edibles into small bags and in small portions. You do not want to have to keep resealing the leftovers that you are not using from each batch, so smaller batch storing is always more effective.

Label the vacuum sealed bags with the date that they were sealed so that you are not unsure about when you put them in storage.

This is more important with regard to baked goods, but it can’t hurt when it comes to storing candy or gummy edibles, either.

Knowing the date that you sealed up a vacuum sealer bag is very helpful for a variety of reasons, and it helps to prevent waste in many cases.

How Long Will Edibles Keep in Vacuum Sealed Bags?

If you have baked good edibles that you are storing in vacuum sealed bags, you can expect them to last for weeks in the fridge and about a week when stored at room temperature.

You can also freeze them for up to three months. Make sure to thaw out frozen baked goods slowly so that you preserve the texture of the item.

If you are storing candies or gummy edibles, you can expect that they can be stored for years in a vacuum sealed bag. So long as the seal is good, the candy or gummies inside should be in great shape as well.

Do be sure that you don’t expose your stored candies or gummies to light or heat, as this can make them melt or can lead to changes in texture that you might not enjoy.

You also should never allow your stored edibles to get wet. Even if the bag itself will shed moisture, eventually moisture can break down the seal on the bag and get inside to ruin the content.

Vacuum Sealing is Ideal for Edibles

If you are worried about the edibles that you have opened going bad before you can enjoy them, you just need to invest in a quality vacuum sealer for your needs.

This is the best way to be sure that you will be able to keep your edibles fresh and ready to be enjoyed without struggle.

The packaging that many o these products are sold in is not meant to last long-term, and you do not want to waste your money throwing out edibles that you have not been able to enjoy.

Using a vacuum sealer can make all the difference in your storage experience when it comes to edibles, and you will be glad that you chose this storage method when you see how long it lasts.

Being sure that your edibles are safe and secure for weeks can make all the difference in your storage plans, and it can save you money and time.

If you are tired of dealing with sloppy store packaging for your edibles, just invest in a vacuum sealer to break the cycle of ruined or stale edibles.

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