Can You Vacuum Seal Boiled Potatoes?

If you have food waste, you might be looking for a solution for your food storage process that will help you save money and time.

Potatoes can be a great side to add to lots of meals, and having them prepared and ready to be eaten but in storage can be a great solution.

You can actually vacuum seal boiled potatoes and store them with your vacuum sealer!

If you are not sure how to vacuum seal boiled potatoes, you need to keep reading. There are some tips that you need to keep in mind when you are storing boiled potatoes for the best results.

Potatoes are a simple item to prepare, but they do take some time to cook, which can make it hard to add them to a meal without advance warning. When you store your potatoes correctly, you will be able to enjoy boiled potatoes for a variety of dishes whenever you wish.

Boiled potatoes with herbs on wooden table
Boiled potatoes with herbs on a wooden table

How to Vacuum Seal Boiled Potatoes

If you have never vacuum sealed boiled potatoes, you will need to take the right steps to make sure that you preserve the taste and texture of your potatoes while they are in storage. Make sure that you don’t try and store the whole boiled potato in a bag.

This will close in too much moisture in the bag, which can spoil the potatoes. It can be hard to keep a seal on the bag if you put a whole potato in the bag as well.

Make sure as well that you do not boil the potatoes past the point where they will hold together when cubed. You will probably want to cube your potatoes for the best results, so consider boiling them in cubed form and making sure that you do not make them too soft to store successfully.

Also, be sure that you drain your potatoes completely and dry them as well. Less moisture in the bag is always better for the texture of the food that you are storing.

You will need a flat surface for your vacuum sealing process, and also, be sure that you have the right kind of storage bag for this kind of food. Items like this will need to be stored in flexible bags so that they do not get crushed when you seal them tightly.

Tips for Vacuum Sealing Boiled Potatoes

Always be sure that you peel your potatoes before you prepare them. The skins on the potatoes can cause the potatoes to spoil because of the bacteria on the skins.

You will need to wash your hands before you seal them as well so that you don’t lock bacteria into the sealing bag, which can make your food go bad while it is in storage, even in the freezer.

Always be sure that you put the date on the storage bag so that you can be sure that you are using your oldest potatoes first. It can be easy to forget items that you have sealed into a storage bag and put at the back of the freezer.

This will help to prevent food waste which was the main goal of using your vacuum sealer in the first place!

Remember that mashed potatoes are easier to store in most cases than cubed potatoes. You might want to consider making mashed potatoes and storing them in patties rather than storing your boiled potatoes cubed.

Another option that you could consider is freezing your potatoes before putting them into storage bags. This will help preserve the texture of the potatoes and make them easier to keep in a flat layer in the bag.

Always store an even amount of potatoes in each bag, and make sure that you can create a smooth layer of potatoes inside the bag before you seal it. This will help you to seal the bags reliably and to store them in the freezer as well.

How Long Do Boiled Potatoes Last in a Vacuum Sealed Bag?

You can count on your boiled potatoes to keep for about six months in the freezer. They will keep for about a month if they have been placed in the fridge.

While it is possible to keep whole potatoes for up to six months in a pantry location, you will still have to prepare and cook them in order to enjoy them.

Being able to store prepared potatoes that are ready to eat after they have thawed can save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to making meals of various kinds.

Always allow your sealed boiled potatoes to come to room temperature slowly. If you try and heat them to thaw them out, you could impact their texture and flavor.

This is one of the key mistakes that people make when using their vacuum sealer to store potatoes, but you can avoid this with some advance planning.

Just put your potatoes into the fridge or out on the counter and let them thaw out on their own. Once they are thawed, they will be ready to enjoy without worries about their texture and flavor.

Boiled Potatoes Can Easily be Stored Using a Vacuum Sealer

Boiled potatoes are really easy to store using a vacuum sealer. If you love to have potatoes on hand for all kinds of meals, you will love that this storage technique will save you time and prevent food waste in your home.

Be sure that you use these tips to ensure that your potatoes maintain the right texture and flavor during their time in the freezer. When you prepare to vacuum seal foods like this, you will have better results with the end product of your efforts.

Vacuum sealing can be a great way to preserve all kinds of food. You will be able to keep everything from raw ingredients to prepared meals fresh using your vacuum sealer.

This tool can be the difference between wasting a lot of food in your home or keeping food items fresh and ready to eat every day!

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