Can You Vacuum Seal Ramps?

Ramps are one of the most fragile vegetables to store because they do not keep well when they are placed in the fridge. This means that most people who enjoy ramps have to consume them rather quickly after they have purchased them or foraged for them.

This can lead to avoiding the ramp because of worries about wasting money or food when trying to include this ingredient in your favorite cooking.

However, you can vacuum seal ramps and make them last far longer. This is the best way to make sure that this wild plant is not wasted when you have taken the time to collect it or buy it from a local seller.

This garlic and scallion substitute is a great option for many kinds of cooking, and being able to get access to fresh vegetables like this is always preferable to buying from the store.

If you are ready to learn more about whether you can vacuum seal ramps, you need to keep reading.

How to Vacuum Seal Ramps

Due to the sourcing of these plants, you will want to be sure that you are washing them thoroughly and patting them dry before you store them.

Vegetables that come from the grocery store are usually prewashed, so you can be less picky about how clean those items are when they are vacuum sealed.

You cannot skip this step when storing ramps since they will likely not be clean enough to keep well in a vacuum-sealed bag.

You also do not want to have to try to clean up vegetables that have been stored since this might lead to slimy leaves or lost product due to moisture and mess that got sealed into the bag.

Make sure that you also wash your hands well after you have gotten done cleaning up your ramps. Sealing bacteria into your vacuum sealed bags can lead to the food inside spoiling rapidly despite the security of the vacuum sealing process.

There is no sense in taking the time to vacuum seal something only to seal bacteria up into the bag with the food and have it go bad.

Make sure as well that you remove any root structures or unwanted bits from the outsides of the ramps before you store them.

These are the parts of the plant that are most likely to go bad first, and you can save yourself time and wasted food by cleaning these up and removing them first.

Once your ramps are cleaned and trimmed, you will need a flat surface to help keep them from clumping up as you seal them. Make sure that you do not allow them to slide to the side of the bag or roll to the bottom.

Moisture trapped between the layers of the ramps can lead to them going bad more quickly, even inside a vacuum sealed bag.

Do not seal too many ramps into each bag as they will hold up better if the bag gets a really good seal. You will have better luck cooking with your ramps as well if you are not storing too many in the same bag.

You will not be able to reseal the ramps that you take out of a large bag with great success. Consider your ramp sealing process, like storing an individual amount for each recipe that you like to make.

How Long Will Ramps Keep When Vacuum-Sealed?

You can count on ramps keeping for about two weeks when they have been vacuum sealed and placed in the fridge.

These are not vegetable item that keeps well in the freezer as they are too delicate to be frozen and warmed up again without impacting their flavor and texture.

Make sure that you mark each bag of ramps when you sealed them so that you do not forget ramps that have been stored for the longest. This is one of the reasons that storing them in single-serving bags can be a great idea.

You will be much less likely to waste your ramps if you have them stored with clear labels and in small amounts.

Make sure that you check on the seal of any bags that you have stored for a few days as well. Any bag that, for some reason, has started to lose its seal might need to be consumed first.

Ramps are a delightful and flavorful vegetable, but they are more fragile than some other veggies. They will not hold up to changes in temperature or moisture very well, so you will want to use up bags that have not been sealed properly right away.

The main part of your fridge is a great place for your ramps to be stored, but you can also keep them in a crisper drawer if you want.

Make sure that there is nothing that is sitting on top of them since they can be prone to bruising and might be ruined just because something has fallen on them in the main part of the fridge.

Ramps Keep Well When Vacuum Sealed

Vacuum sealing ramps can be your best bet to make sure that they are ready to be consumed when you are prepared to cook with them.

These are some of the most flavorful vegetables that you can forage for, and if you have taken the time to find them and harvest them, you will want them to last more than a couple of days.

Make sure to clean up your ramps before storing them, and take the time to trim off any roots or leaves that do not look healthy before you use your vacuum sealer to store them.

Ramps are a great choice if you want to change the flavor profile of your cooking just a little and if you love to forage for plants out in the wild.

Make sure that you are prepared to store your ramps in a way that will make them last for a few weeks rather than a few days.

Saving your ramps for later can allow you to have flavorful meals for more than a week, which is a great reward for your efforts to harvest and collect them.

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