Can You Vacuum Seal Sugar?

Vacuum sealing can be a great way to store lots of food items. When you have a vacuum sealer, it can be tempting to vacuum seal everything that you own just to keep it from going bad.

There are many foods that can benefit from being vacuum sealed, which leads people to wonder if vacuum sealing raw ingredients used for baking is a good idea.

While you can vacuum seal sugar, there is really no reason that you would need to do so. Being exposed to the air will not damage sugar, and the only reason that sugar might go bad is if you store it in its paper bag in a location that gets exposed to a lot of moisture.

Sugar will stay good for years at a time so long as it is kept dry.

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Why Is Vacuum Sealing Not Necessary For Sugar?

Sugar really will only go bad if it gets very moist. You will not have any trouble in most circumstances, preventing this from being an issue when storing sugar.

You will find that storing your sugar in plastic bags of any kind will be more likely to allow it to get damp and to take on the taste of the bag or smells from surrounding items.

Sugar is almost always best stored in a Tupperware or other container that fully seals. You can then place your sugar on a shelf out of the light and away from moisture, and it will be safe and secure.

When you choose to place the sugar into some other kind of storage solution, it is much more likely to get moist and clump together or lose flavor and texture.

Sugar also needs to be accessed to cook with. When you vacuum seal something, you will then have to reseal the bag each time you need to use the raw product.

Sugar is an item that you might need to access more than a few times a week which is another reason that storing sugar in this way is not really a good idea.

You will end up doing far more work to store sugar by vacuum sealing it than you would if you just place it into the right kind of storage container for easy access.

Brown sugar is just like white sugar in this way as well. While the moisture content of brown sugar is higher, and it can survive being stored in plastic bags readily, you will still never need to store your brown sugar in this manner.

Sugar of all kinds will always be difficult to vacuum seal because of the nature of the product as well.

What is a Better Option to Store Sugar?

If you need to store sugar, you can put away the vacuum sealer and get out a quality Tupperware. This kind of storage container will work best for storing all kinds of sugar so that you can easily access the sugar you need when you are baking or cooking.

Sugar that is stored in a way that makes it hard to access is not really going to be beneficial to your cooking processes, and you might also avoid using sugar if you have stored it in a way that makes it tough to get to.

Sugar is also usually stored in a pantry or on a shelf, which means that a Tupperware container is the best bet for your storage needs in this environment.

Trying to store a vacuum sealed bag or another kind of bag on the shelf in your pantry will not usually work as well as using a Tupperware or another kind of plastic container with a locking lid.

Sugar can also be stored in the bag that it comes in from the store until it is needed, so long as you are storing it in a place away from moisture and heat.

Making sure that your sugar that has not been opened is stored in a cool and dry place is really easy, and you will be able to keep your unopened sugar good for years at a time if need be.

Once the sugar has been opened, make sure that you move it to a storage container and then place it back in a cool and dark place. If you follow these steps, you will have no trouble storing sugar without the use of your vacuum sealer.

Always be sure that you do not refrigerate your sugar either. This will lead to lots of humidity getting into your sugar and can ruin it almost right away.

Since sugar is not intended to be stored in this way, you will not have better results by storing your sugar in the fridge or in a vacuum sealed bag.

Vacuum Sealing is Not the Best Option for Sugar

Sugar is not that easy to store in a vacuum sealed bag, and there is really no reason to take this step to store your sugar for the long term.

So long as your sugar is sealed in a container with a locking lid and is not exposed to heat or moisture, you will have no trouble keeping your stored sugar good for years at a time.

There is no need to worry about storing your sugar in a vacuum sealed container because it is so easy to keep in good condition, and it is much easier to access your sugar when it is not stored in this difficult way.

Sugar and other raw baking materials are really easy to store when you have the right storage containers on hand, and you can skip using your vacuum sealer for this purpose.

Vacuum sealing is best for use to keep fresh foods and prepared foods good for a long time, but it is not typically necessary for items that will keep in storage for years without much help.

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