Can You Vacuum Seal Formula?

If you have ever had to buy formula for your child, you know just how expensive these products can be. This is one of the most costly parts of caring for a baby besides diapers.

When you are buying food items that cost this much, it’s logical to want to prevent them from going bad.

The biggest factor that you have to remember is that you want your stored formula to be safe for your baby to eat later. This is why Vacuum sealing can be such a good option.

You can vacuum seal powdered formula if you have removed it from its sealed container and are afraid that it will go bad. You cannot, however, seal liquid formula with good results.

You do not want to take the slightest chance that your baby will end up getting sick from an improperly stored liquid formula.

Powdered formula is easy to store this way, however, and you can make sure that your formula lasts for a long time with this method of storage.

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How to Vacuum Seal Formula

Formula that is in powdered form is really easy to vacuum seal. You can use various different sealing bags or even jars if you wish to do this.

It is a really easy product to make fit neatly into different bags and storage containers that can be vacuum sealed.

This is one of the benefits of storing formula in this way, and you can save a lot of space and time when you choose to break up your formula into smaller amounts that are safely sealed.

Always make sure that you wash your hands before you start storing your formula. Contamination from your hands can lead to formula spoiling, and that would be very bad for a baby that you try to feed with the formula later.

Always make sure that you look at the storage requirements for the formula that you have purchased as well. Some formulas are not considered to be good for as long as others once the container they were sold in has been unsealed.

You will need to know about the manufacturer’s recommendations before you decide that you can store your formula for the maximum time that is offered by the vacuum sealing process.

You will need to divide your formula up into small amounts before you start sealing it in vacuum sealed containers.

Trying to seal too much into each bag or container can lead to issues with the performance of the bags. You will want to be sure as well that you place the sealing bag on a flat surface before you seal it.

You will have trouble getting a really good seal if you do not use a flat surface to do your sealing process.

How Long Can You Store Vacuum Sealed Formula?

Full-fat formulas will not last for all that long, even vacuum sealed. You will want to be sure that you check the formula that you are using to see if it is a full-fat or fortified formula before you vacuum seal it.

When sealing up regular formulas, you will usually get about two months out of your vacuum sealed bags or containers. The maximum time that you can store most formulas is six months, so you should keep that in mind.

You will get a lot more time out of your formula storage than you would if you are keeping it in the original container that you have to open over and over again to feed your baby.

Just make sure that you label each bag or container to be sure that you are not getting confused about the age of the formula that you are storing.

This is one of the key ways to make sure that you are not losing track of how long your formula has been stored.

Many people prefer mylar bags for this storage need because they are tougher and less likely to be punctured or to let oxygen in.

Formula is malleable to store, but it can also be tough to keep sealed safely if the bag gets stretched or punctured. This also means that you need to store your bags of formula in a place that will keep them from being ripped open or damaged.

This is another factor that will make your formula last as long as you intend for it to last once it has been vacuum sealed.

Some people say that they get a year out of their stored formula, but it is wise not to assume that most formulas will be good for this long.

While formula is expensive, it is not worth the risk to your child to give them food products that could have spoiled while they were vacuum sealed.

Between the manufacturer’s suggestions and the best practices that most people say they stick to when they are storing formula in this way, two months is a safe timeframe for storing formula, with six months as the maximum storage time.

Formula Can be Stored Using Vacuum Sealing With Ease

If you are tired of worrying about whether or not your formula will go bad when it is stored in the original container that it came in, or you are tired of not being able to split up your formula in a convenient way, vacuum sealing is a great choice.

Make sure that you know what ingredients are included in the formula that you are storing and that you check on the storage recommendations from the manufacturer before you vacuum seal it.

Knowing what the recommendations are for your product of choice can help greatly with the vacuum sealing process, and you should also be sure that you use a flat surface to make sealing easier.

Vacuum sealing formula is a great way to make it last longer and to ensure that it will be easy to access when you need it.

Buying the right vacuum sealing bags can help make sure that you have the best experience with your formula vacuum sealing process.

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