Can You Vacuum Seal Bell Peppers?

There are many vegetables that just don’t keep as long as you might want them to. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a bunch of fresh foods and having some of them go bad before you can enjoy them.

This is one of the reasons that many people do not eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables. However, there is a simple solution that you can use to keep your veggies fresh long-term.

You can vacuum seal bell peppers if you want to keep them fresh, and then you will have this yummy vegetable on hand at all times for salads and more.

You will need to perform some prep before your bell peppers are ready to be sealed, but once you have taken care of these steps, you can have peppers on hand for weeks.

If you are ready to learn more about how to vacuum seal bell peppers, you need to keep reading!

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How to Prepare Bell Peppers to be Vacuum Sealed

The first thing that you need to do is wash your hands really well. You should always prepare and seal your foods with clean hands so that you do not seal bacteria into the storage bags along with the food.

Even if you are using vacuum sealed bags, bacteria inside the bags can spoil your food while it is frozen or in the fridge.

Wash your bell peppers carefully, then remove the cores, seeds, and membranes. Cut them into the size pieces that you want to store, and then make sure that they are dried off.

You will have the best luck with your peppers maintaining texture and color if you freeze them before you put them into your vacuum sealed bags as well.

You should freeze your peppers for about six hours minimum, then remove them and get ready to vacuum seal them.

Be sure that you have a nice, flat surface to work with as you seal them up, and be sure that, once again, your hands are clean and ready to take care of this process properly.

Vacuum Sealing Bell Peppers

Make sure that you do not seal too many peppers into each bag, as this can put pressure on the vacuum sealed bag and break the seal.

You will want to think about how many bell peppers you can use in a single recipe as well since unsealing a large quantity means that you will probably not get through all of the peppers that you have thawed out.

Make sure to write the date on the bags that you have sealed and place them flat in the freezer where they cannot be crushed by other items that are stored with them.

Smashing bell peppers will ruin their texture and flavor and defeat the purpose of taking the time to vacuum seal them at all.

You can plan on getting about two to three weeks of storage time out of your bell peppers that have been placed in the fridge and about two months or three months of storage time from bell peppers that have been placed in the freezer.

Vacuum sealing can make the process of keeping your bell peppers fresh super simple, but do make sure that you are keeping track of when you sealed each bag. Always make sure to check as well that your bags have not lost their seals while in storage.

If you think that a seal is not as firm as it once was on a specific bag of peppers, use that bag first before using others. So long as the seal has not completely broken, you should still be able to enjoy fresh and crunchy bell peppers from a bag where the seal is slightly looser than it was before.

This is one of the processes that you should perform on all your vacuum sealed foods once in a while to make sure that you do not waste food if one of your bags should lose its seal.

How Long Should I Thaw my Peppers Before Eating Them?

You will need to plan on letting your bell peppers thaw out for a couple of hours before you try to cook with them or use them for other kinds of recipes. You will ruin the texture of most vegetables if you try and force them to thaw too fast after they have been frozen.

Be sure that you have allowed enough time to let your bell peppers come out of the freezer and thaw out so that you do not ruin their texture and crunchiness.

Also be sure that you do not thaw your peppers in the sun or someplace that is quite warm, as this can lead to slimy peppers that no one will want to eat. You should consider placing your thawing peppers in a location that is room temperature, but that is not humid.

Most foods do not benefit from being thawed rapidly, so always be sure that you are keeping this in mind when getting ready to cook.

Bell Peppers Store Well in Vacuum Sealed Bags

Bell peppers are a really good option for your vacuum sealing storage process if you want to keep them fresh for the long haul. This is a vegetable that keeps well for weeks in the freezer, and you can easily seal bell peppers into storage bags.

Make sure that you take the time to prepare for your storage process and that you are always working with clean hands when you store items in this way. Bell peppers will keep for months in the freezer and for a few weeks in the fridge when they have been vacuum sealed.

Preparing them for the sealing process also makes sure that your bell peppers are ready to be used right away as soon as they come out of the bag.

This process of preparation can benefit you both for storage time, and it can also save you cooking time down the road.

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