Can You Vacuum Seal Nuts?

If you love to have snacks on hand, you probably know just how fast they can go bad if you don’t store them the right way. This can be really frustrating if you have spent a lot of money on your snack products and plan to enjoy them for a while.

Many things, like nuts, and snack mixes, are actually really expensive as well, which makes stale or spoiled snacks can be a huge frustration point.

You can vacuum seal nuts to help keep them fresh and also make them easier to take with you when you go camping, hiking or want to bring a snack to work.

This is one of the best snack items to split up into nice, small storage bags for more convenient use, and you will love that your snacks will stay so fresh because you have taken the time to split them up.

If you are ready to learn more about vacuum sealing nuts for better storage, you will want to keep reading.

Tips for Using Your Vacuum Sealer to Seal Nuts

You can store your nuts straight from the bag that you bought them in at the store, but you might be missing out on some of the benefits of your snacks.

You should consider dehydrating your nuts or soaking them before you store them. Nuts are hard to digest, but they offer up lots of key nutrients when added to your diet.

Soaking and dehydrating your nut products can make them much easier to digest, and these process can protect their flavor when they are stored for the long term.

You will be able to avoid putting your nuts into the freezer in most cases, as they can store really well in a cool, dark place if they are in vacuum sealed bags or containers. When you blanch or dehydrate your nuts, they will be even more likely to stay fresh for the long term.

Make sure that any nuts that you have sealed are not exposed to moisture, heat, or sun. You will want to be sure that you have a plan for a place to store your nuts where they can have the right conditions to last a long time.

Also, be sure that you wash your hands before you store your nuts with your vacuum sealer. While there will not be any oxygen getting to your stored nuts, if you have sealed bacteria from your hands into the storage bags, you could still end up with spoiled nut products when you open them up.

Nuts are pretty tough and hardy, but it is still possible to make them go bad when they are stored without the proper preparation.

Storing Nuts Using Your Vacuum Sealer

You will want to divide up your nuts into small batches and use a nice, flat surface for your sealing process. You need to consider keeping different varieties of nuts separated as well.

Having matching shapes in the bags can help the bags to seal up better, and you will find that some nut shapes are much harder to keep in a smooth layer in the sealing bags than others.

In addition, some nuts are oily compared to others, and it can be wise to keep the oils from these nuts off of the other nuts that you are storing. Moisture and oil trapped between nuts in storage can lead to issues with stale or even spoiled nut products.

Just be sure that you are cautious about storing nut mixes or blending your own nuts into a mix in your vacuum sealed bags.

You will want to park on the container or the bag on what date you sealed up your nuts. These batches of nuts can keep for up to three or four, or even five years without any change in quality, but you will want to know which of your stored items are the oldest.

You should also be sure to check the seals on your food products that have been stored with your vacuum sealer. While it is not common, there are instances where the seal on the bags might go bad, and you will want to eat these nuts first.

How Long Will Nuts Keep When Vacuum Sealed?

Nuts can keep almost indefinitely when sealed into vacuum sealer bags. You will want to be sure that you store your nuts in a place that is cool and dry, but you will probably not need to put them into the freezer for long-term storage.

Be sure as well that you consider checking the seals on the bags once in a while to be sure that you do not miss a bag with a failing seal.

Nuts can be really easy to enjoy when they have been stored using this manner of storage. You will benefit from splitting up large quantities of nuts for a number of reasons, but preventing your nut products from going stale or getting moist is only really possible if you use your vacuum sealer to store them.

Vacuum Sealing Nuts is Easy

If you are struggling with nuts that are going stale or ending up getting damp while they are in storage, you need to consider using your vacuum sealer to store your nut products.

This kind of storage offers many benefits, like dividing up the nuts into separate bags for easy consumption and use, and this process also makes it a lot easier to keep bacteria and other environmental influences away from your nut products.

Vacuum sealing is a really great way to keep all kinds of food fresh, and you can probably use your vacuum sealer for so many foods that you did not know you could keep on hand for weeks, months, or even years.

Preventing food waste is much easier with the help of a vacuum sealer, and you will find that you can make it easier to keep foods in storage as well.

Nuts seal up really well with a vacuum sealer, and you can keep your nut products safe for long-term storage with your vacuum sealing tool.

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