Can You Reuse Vacuum Sealer Bags? Everything You Ought To Know

We all love reusable items. They save the precious dollars we would have spent purchasing replacements. But, can you reuse vacuum sealer bags more than once, just as manufacturers claim?

This is a common concern for many people. They feel like vacuum storage bags are too fragile to be used more than once. The bags look like they can easily tear or puncture during their second use.

Supposing you’ve been questioning the reusability of vacuum sealer bags, this post will settle your concerns.

Are Vacuum Sealer Bags Reusable?

High-quality vacuum sealer bags like the ones we featured on this best list are reusable. However, that would depend on the bags’ condition after use and the items that were previously stored in the sealer bags.

You can always reuse vacuum storage bags that previously had dry foodstuffs like cereals, flour, dehydrated fruits, spices, dry meat, cookies, coffee beans, freeze-dried eggs, and herbs. They are easy to clean for the next use.

Nevertheless, you might not reuse those used to store raw meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, and oily foodstuff. Reason? It would be hard to get rid of odor, and greasy residues left behind by such foodstuff.

In regards to condition, you cannot reuse vacuum storage bags with punctures. They will expose your foodstuff to moisture, germs, and other contaminants. Your foodstuff won’t remain fresh for long in worn-out sealer bags.

How Do You Prepare Vacuum Sealer Bags For Reuse?

Preparing vacuum sealer bags for reuse isn’t a hard thing. You will just need to wash the bags to get rid of the odor, germs, and dirt left behind by whatever you preserved in the bag previously.

If your bag stores dry foods, you can get it ready for reuse by simply wiping it clean using a damp cloth. But, if it had vegetables, eggs, fish, cheese, meat, cooked food, and fruits, you’ll need to wash it with water and soap.

Flip the vacuum sealer bags inside out, and wash them in warm water using soap or vinegar. Alternatively, if you want to get the job done effortlessly, clean the bags in a dishwasher. After cleaning the vacuum storage bags rinse thoroughly and air dry before use.

8 Creative Ways to Re-Use Vacuum Sealer Bags

You cannot store every foodstuff in reusable bags. Some highly perishable foods like raw meat, eggs, and fish will end up getting contaminated, especially if the bags have invisible punctures.

For that reason, it would be wise to use the bags in storing foods that you’ll consume within just a few days, or those dry foods that can survive even when stored in bags with tiny punctures.

Some proper uses of used sealer bags would include:

1. Extend the Shelf Life of Your Cereals

Used vacuum sealer bags are great for extending your cereals’ shelf life. You can use them to store beans, rice, oats, wheat, granola, quinoa, and rye.

The sealer bags will protect your grains from pests, odor, moisture, water, and other contaminants.

2. Keeping Your Avocado Halves Fresh

Avocado leftovers are highly perishable. They will go mushy, rancid, or moldy when exposed to air for just a few hours. However, when stored in an airtight container or vacuum sealer bags, the avocado leftovers can stay fresh up to your next meal.

So, if you’ve just cut your avocado, don’t wait to see it go bad. Seal it in a used vacuum sealer bag to keep it fresh for a long.

3. Microwaving Premade Breakfast Or Dinner

Vacuum sealer bags are microwavable. They won’t contaminate your favorite dish with harmful chemicals found in plastic.

For that reason, if you have just made omelets, pancakes, and sandwiches for your next breakfast or dinner, seal them in the used vacuum sealer bags. When it is meal time, just pop them into your microwave to warm your breakfast or dinner.

4. Keeping Your Homemade Bread Fresh

Homemade bread is best stored in airtight and breathable plastic wrap. So, if you love baking, and yet you lack a dedicated pack for your bread, don’t worry.

Reuse your vacuum sealer bags to keep your bread fresh for several days. Remember to puncture a few holes in the used vacuum bags to enhance breathability.

5. Preserving Your Coffee Beans

Coffee beans can lose their taste and quality when stored in open containers. Therefore, if you don’t have a dedicated pack to store them, don’t take chances.

Get a used vacuum sealer bag, and seal them tightly. That way, you will protect the whole beans from moisture and air, the major factors that could lower your coffee’s quality and taste.

6. Keeping Your Sliced or Chopped Fruits Fresh

Doubtlessly, sliced fruits are highly perishable. They will lose their taste, absorb odors, or go bad after a few hours. However, they can stay fresh for days or even months when vacuum sealed and stored under the right temperatures.

In view of that, if you have fruits that you wish to use in smoothies, pies, or puddings, sometime later, seal them in used vacuum sealer bags, and then freeze them to extend their shelf life.

7. Protecting Non-Food Items from Elements

Used vacuum sealer bags aren’t just for storing foodstuff. But, you can also use them to protect non-food items from water, moisture, and other elements that could accelerate rusting and corrosion.

For instance, you can store jewelry, game pieces, ammunition, ice packs, kid craft supplies, and collectibles in these bags. Sealed properly, the valuables won’t rust, tarnish, or corrode.

Our Verdict—Can You Reuse Vacuum Sealer Bags?

Vacuum sealer bags are tough enough to be reused a couple of times before disposing of. You can use them to store your cereals, leftovers, cookies, chopped fruits, bread, and coffee beans.

As well, you can use these bags to microwave your pre-cooked food or store collectibles.

Before reusing vacuum sealer bags, just make sure you clean them accordingly. Flip them inside out and clean using warm water and dishwashing soap. If you don’t have enough time to clean the sealer bags manually, use your dishwasher.

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