How to Fold and Store Grocery Bags

Grocery bags are an increasingly common personal item that people own. These bags are meant to be reused and are taken with you to the store each time you go to save money on plastic or paper bags.

The movement to use reusable bags is great for the environment as well, and many stores will actually give you money back for bringing in your own bags rather than needing to take the bags that the store offers for a charge.

Folding and storing grocery bags correctly depends on the material that the bag is made from. Some bags will be sturdy enough that they simply need to be collapsed and folded up.

Plastic bags can be folded into thirds and then in half to be stored in your pantry or closet or other location. You should always be sure that you clean bags that might have meat or contaminants spilled in them and avoid storing bags wet.

If you are ready to learn more about how to fold and store grocery bags, read on!

How to Fold and Store Grocery Bags

There are two main kinds of grocery bags that you might be using for your shopping needs. The plastic kind is durable but requires some folding and storage skill and the more durable kind that are made to collapse and be slipped inside of one another for easy storage.

No matter which kind of bags you are using, you should always be sure that they are clean and that they have been disinfected before you store them.

Storing grocery bags that have juices spilled in them from meat products, dirt or grime from produce, or even just moisture, can lead to bags that need to be thrown out.

Keeping your bags free of bacteria and grime is very important if you are considering using them again and again. You can easily wash durable bags with a little soap and water or you can wipe them down with a disinfecting wipe.

If the mess is extensive, you might need to throw out a plastic bag that you are using. The risk of contamination of your foods is great if you cannot clean out your grocery bags completely.

Process to Fold and Store Plastic Grocery Bags:

1. Make sure that the bag is clean and dry. Never store a bag that is wet or has spills inside of it. Be sure to sanitize after exposure to meat juices.

2. Flatten the bag on a smooth surface like a table. Make sure that the handles are parallel to one another and that you do not have any small debris or other solid items inside the bag before you start folding.

3. Remove all the air from the bag by running your hands over it. Make sure to remove small objects that might be in the bag as they can tear the bag when you are folding it.

4. Fold the bag lengthwise. This will mean that the handles will be laying on top of one another at this point. You can smooth the bag again to remove the air at this point.

5. Fold again into thirds if the bag is large enough. Smooth as before to remove the air and make the bag lay flat.

6. Fold the bottom corner into a triangle. You will now have one shorter edge at the end of the bag. Smoot this flat as well.

7. Fold the triangle over onto itself to make the shape again, but go in the other direction.

8. Keep folding the bag in this manner until there is just one triangle left to fold up. Make sure to smooth after each step so that the bag is laying flat and smooth beneath your hands.

9. Tuck the remaining edge into the center of the triangle and press it into the pocket that the folding has made. This will secure the roll of bag layers and make it stay together.

10. Store all of your bags like this and you can place them in a drawer or on a shelf quite easily. You will simply unfold them when you need them next and head to the store! You can even tuck the folded bags into a bag or purse and just unfold them at the store when you are done shopping!

For durable bags that are made to be folded along pre-pressed lines, simply collapse the bottom and fold the bag flat as it was designed to do. Make sure to leave one bag open to stack your bags inside of it or you can simply make them all flat and put them on a shelf.

This kind of bag usually has a nice sturdy carrying handles, so it is easy to take all your bags with you to the store by just picking up the bag that holds all the other bags and heading out!

Taking Care of Your Grocery Bags Saves Money and Time

Keeping your grocery bags stored properly can save you lots of time when you need to head to the store and you will save money because your bags will not be ripped or lost when they are stored in a messy way.

You will love that these two methods make your grocery bags so much easier to carry around. You will be glad that you took the time to store them the right way when they come out of the pantry or the drawer that you have put them in.

Being good to the environment and preventing waste is easy when you keep reusable grocery bags on hand in your kitchen or your car for your shopping trips.

As more and more companies are moving away from providing bags for purchased items to be carried in, having some storage bags that can be used for anything from groceries to crafting items is a good idea.

You will have a much better experience with your grocery shopping if you take the time to store your bags properly.

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