How to Poach an Egg in Plastic Wrap

Poaching eggs requires a light touch and a bit of skill. Not everyone learns to make eggs this way the first time they try and some people give up on the idea of learning this egg-making skill.

You should not throw in the towel too fast, however. There is more than one way to make a poached egg that is perfect.

Poaching an egg in plastic wrap requires cracking the egg into a plastic wrap with some butter, wrapping up the egg and twisting the ends of the wrap together, and then boiling for 5 minutes.

This takes all the guesswork out of the process and makes the perfect poached egg every time. If you have been struggling to get your eggs to poach correctly, this might be the perfect way for you to make this yummy food.

If you are ready to learn how to poach an egg in plastic wrap, read on!

What is Poaching an Egg?

Poaching is a cooking process that allows the egg to be cooked outside of the shell by steaming or submerging it in hot water.

This method of preparing an egg gives you more delicately prepared eggs that have soft centers without being runny or slimy.

Eggs that are prepared sunny-side up or over-soft might not have this delightful consistency and could be runny or mushy when you try to eat them.

There are many ways to poach an egg, and most of them require some practice to get the job done right. This is where poaching your egg in plastic wrap really shines since it is easy and approachable and yields great results.

If you are tired of struggling to poach an egg, you need to try this method before you give up!

How to Poach an Egg in Plastic Wrap

This is a very simple process and you will not need many items to get the jobs done. You will just need plastic wrap, a small bowl, an egg, and some butter. A small pot with boiling water is also needed and that is it!

This is something that you can teach yourself to do in a few minutes and get the great results that you have been wishing for every time you tried in the past.

1. Place the plastic wrap over the small bowl and leave some slack in the middle over the center of the bowl. You want to be sure that the plastic wrap is smooth and that it is laying flat so you can gather it up with ease.

2. Spray the center of the plastic wrap with some non-stick spray or put some melted butter that is not very hot into the middle of the plastic. You can also rub some cooking grease into the center of the plastic wrap if that is what you have on hand.

3. Gather up the ends of the plastic and twist them together. Be careful not to compress the egg too hard or it will be like a long string of eggs when it is done cooking. The egg should be sitting in the pocket that you have created without being compressed into a small space.

4. Place the egg into the boiling water and hold the end of the plastic wrap with tongues. Be careful not to get burned by the steam as the boiling water does its job. You will want to be sure that the egg is completely submerged in the water for the whole cooking time or you will get an unevenly cooked egg.

5. Boil for five minutes. Make sure not to short yourself on time and not to cook for too long. Either option will lead to an egg that is not poached correctly. If you need to, you can set a timer to make sure that you do not lose track of time while you are boiling the egg.

6. Remove from the water and let cool. Remove the plastic wrap carefully and enjoy!

Are There Other Ways to Poach Eggs?

Many recipes that teach you about poaching eggs will call for putting about 2 inches of water into a pan and boiling it. You will add some vinegar and then slip the egg gently into the water.

The egg will have to be covered by the pan lid and you will have to make sure that you use very gently heat. This is why it is tough to poach an egg using traditional methods and many people burn their eggs at this stage of the cooking process.

Some people also grease a soup spoon and crack the egg into the spoon. The spoon is then held in the boiling water for about 2 minutes until it is cooked correctly.

You might also use a heat-safe egg cup and crack the egg into this cup. You will then place the cup into the center of the pan of boiling water and cover it.

All of these methods will work but they are harder to control and you will probably get better results from poaching your egg in the plastic wrap. The only benefit to these other methods is that the shape of the eggs might be a little bit prettier to look at.

Poaching Eggs Does not have to be Hard

Poaching eggs can be easy with this simple method. You will take all of the struggle and guesswork out of the process of poaching eggs when you poach them in plastic wrap.

Imagine being able to make Eggs Benedict or any of your other favorite dishes that call for poached eggs! No one that you invite over will know that you have made your poached eggs using this method rather than the traditional ways to poach eggs.

You will be glad that you did not give up on ever being able to poach an egg when you try this simple method. This is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to make a good poached egg and you will be so glad that you learned to use this method.

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