Can You Vacuum Seal Fresh Asparagus?

Fresh asparagus is one of those foods that can end up going bad really rapidly after it gets home from the store. Many people have to try and rush to use the asparagus that they have bought right away after they have gone shopping.

It can be really annoying to lose a lot of food to spoiling because lots of fresh veggies can go bad quickly. For those who hate grocery shopping, this can be a big frustration.

Fresh asparagus can be preserved through the use of a vacuum sealer. If you are sick of having to throw out your fresh asparagus right away, your vacuum sealer can help you stop this kind of food waste.

You will have to do some prep to make sure that you are not going to end up with mushy and tasteless asparagus after you have vacuum sealed it.

These steps are easy to take, and you will not have any trouble taking them in order to preserve your asparagus.

If you want to know more about how to vacuum seal your fresh asparagus, you need to keep reading!

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The Difference Between Vacuum Sealing Fresh Asparagus and Prepared Asparagus

If you are thinking about vacuum sealing fresh asparagus because you are busy, you will need to be sure that you take the right steps. You will need to blanch asparagus if you want to preserve its texture and flavor really effectively.

You can still vacuum seal fresh asparagus, but you will need to wash it first, and you should trim off the woody ends of the asparagus.

However, if you want to store your asparagus really effectively, you will need to blanch your asparagus first. You will need to prep a boiling pot of water and an ice bath. Place the asparagus in the boiling water and let it rest for two to three minutes.

You will then remove it right from the pot and place it in the icy water. Once the asparagus has cooled off, you can bring it out of the water and let it dry.

You should not seal your asparagus while it is wet to make sure that you are not going to create limp and slimy asparagus.

The freezer is the right place for your asparagus, so be sure that you are not placing wet asparagus in the freezer. Asparagus that is too wet will end up freezer burned in most cases.

How to Vacuum Seal Asparagus

You will need to be sure that you always wash your hands before you vacuum seal any kind of food. You do not want to seal bacteria into the vacuum sealing bag because this can make your stored food go bad.

You will also need to wash the asparagus itself and trim off the woody ends of the stems.

Some people trim down their asparagus a lot just to be sure that the woody ends are not going to impact the health of the asparagus fronds. You will also save yourself time when you prep the asparagus before you seal it up.

The other tip that you need to observe when storing asparagus with a vacuum sealer is to be sure that you are not overfilling the bags. When vacuum sealing bags are stuffed too full, it can make the seal fail.

You do not want to have this kind of bad experience when you have taken the time to prepare and seal asparagus. Preventing the failure of your vacuum sealing bags is really easy when you make sure that you do not put too much of any kind of food into each bag.

The other thing that you will need to be sure to do is to write the date that you stored your asparagus on each bag. This will help you to remember to use the older bags first, and it will tell you when it is time to check on the seals of the bags.

If the seal has only just started to loosen, you will usually be able to use the contents of the bag before they get mushy.

How Long Will Fresh Asparagus Keep When Vacuum Sealed?

Fresh asparagus will keep for about six months in the freezer. It will last for about a month in the fridge. You will need to be sure that you do not place anything heavy on top of your stored asparagus, as this can ruin its texture despite the fact that it has been stored with your vacuum sealer.

You should also be sure that you let your frozen asparagus warm up to room temperature slowly before you use it.

Fresh asparagus is more likely to have its texture thrown off by long-term storage, so consider this when you are storing without blanching. You might want to plan to use unblanched asparagus within a few weeks just to be safe.

Unblanched asparagus that is stored in the freezer will not be harmful to eat if it has been stored for a few weeks too long, but it can have a very unfortunate texture.

Storing Fresh Asparagus With a Vacuum Sealer is a Great Idea!

There are so many reasons that you might want to invest in a vacuum sealer for food storage. Being able to preserve the fresh fruits and veggies that you buy so that they do not go bad right away is just one really good use of this kind of tool.

You can store so many things with a vacuum sealer and save space as well as time in your kitchen each time you want to cook.

Since asparagus tends to go bad right away after you get it home from the store, be sure that vacuum sealing is just part of your routine after you go shopping. Always remember that blanched asparagus stores more readily and for a longer period of time than fresh asparagus.

You will probably be better off storing most of your asparagus after it has been blanched and reserve the unblanched asparagus for short-term storage.

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