Can You Vacuum Seal Bagels?

Bagels are one of those foods that everyone likes to have around, that is if you love bread products. Bagels also make really good traveling or camping food.

However, everyone knows all too well how frustrating it can be to find out that your bagels have molded or gone stale while they were in storage.

You can vacuum seal bagels with ease, and they will keep for up to three years when stored this way.

Vacuum sealing is a great way to make sure that you do not waste food, and you will save money and time when you use your vacuum sealer to keep your food fresh.

Being able to spare your bagels from going bad can be a huge relief if you love to have this kind of breakfast or snack item on hand.

If you want to know some more about how to vacuum seal bagels, you need to keep reading.

Fresh sesame bagel for breakfast

Some Tips for Vacuum Sealing Bagels

If you have never vacuum sealed bread products before, or if you are new to vacuum sealing as a whole, you might have some questions about how to store bagels with this tool.

These tips will be useful for all of your vacuum sealing processes and will help ensure a good experience with your vacuum sealer. You can use all of this advice to seal up everything from veggies and fruit to bread or even cooking ingredients.

Make sure that you always seal items with freshly washed hands. You do not want to seal bacteria into the sealing bags with your food.

Food can still be impacted negatively by bacteria inside the storage bag, even if there is no air getting to the food. Washing your hands is a critical first step in all vacuum sealing efforts.

You should always seal your items on a flat surface and make sure that you have them stored in the center of the bag and lay flat. You will also want to be certain that you do not overstuff your vacuum sealing bags.

When you fill your vacuum sealing bags too full, you can cause the seal on the bags to fail over time. This is one of the main reasons that people struggle with the use of a vacuum sealer.

A large item like a bagel might be best stored all by itself, depending on the size of your storage bags.

Not all items can be stored in the freezer. You will need to be careful to look into the freezing process for the item in question before you pop it into the cold. Bagels can be kept in the freezer for years, but some items, like powdered milk, will not fare well in the freezer.

Check the seals on the bags once in a while to make sure that you are not missing bags that are losing their seals. This is not that common, but it can happen from time to time.

If your vacuum sealed bags have failed, you can remove the bagel and use it right off, or you can choose to reseal it in a new bag and store it again.

Resealing is not an option for perishable items like meat and vegetables, but bread products can be resealed if the bag they were stored in loses its seal.

Vacuum Sealing Bagels

Bagels are really ideal to vacuum sealing because they are simple to keep in place in the middle of the vacuum sealing bag. Make sure to use a flat surface, have your hands clean, and store one bagel per bag unless you have very large vacuum sealing bags.

Also, be sure that you write the date that you stored the bagel on the bag once it has been sealed.

You can opt to put your bagels into the freezer if you want to store them for years at a time, or you might want to place them in the pantry or a cupboard if you just want them to stay fresh for a few weeks at a time.

Be sure that your bagels will not be smashed by other items in the freezer if you choose this storage option. You can actually still flatten and smash your bagels over time if they are under other items in the freezer.

Allow your bagels to thaw on their own to room temperature when they come out of the freezer. Trying to rush the thawing process will impact the texture and taste of bread products.

You can either thaw slowly in the fridge, or you can choose to just place the stored bagel on the counter at room temperature until it has thawed completely. Planning ahead a little will help you to make sure that you can thaw out your bagels in a timely fashion when you need them.

Consider storing different bagel types separately as well. Some kinds of bagels will have ingredients that will make moisture in the storage bag more likely.

Things like blueberries can impact storage time for bagels, so storing plain bagels with this kind of bagel can lead to the bagels spoiling due to moisture trapped between them.

Storing Bagels With a Vacuum Sealer is Easy

If you are tired of wasting all of your bagels because they go stale or get moldy before you can eat them, a vacuum sealer can save the day. Being able to store your bagels in the freezer without worries about the impact on the texture or flavor can be a big relief if you hate food waste.

Make sure that you always wash your hands before you start using your vacuum sealer, and don’t overfill the sealing bags for the best results. Keeping bagels fresh for years is easy with a vacuum sealer on hand.

You can trust that your vacuum sealer will allow you to keep bagels fresh in the freezer for up to three years. Bread products store really well with the help of a vacuum sealer, and bagels are very easy to store using this method.

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