How to Keep Plastic Wrap From Sticking to Frosting

Plastic wrap is a really great product but it is designed to stick to itself and to other things. This can spell disaster when you are trying to use plastic wrap to cover up items that you do not want the plastic wrap to stick to.

This can be really hard when you are making a cake or cupcake and you do not want to have your frosting ruined by your plastic wrap.

Plastic wrap can be kept off frosting in a variety of ways and all of them require a little bit of planning in advance. Make sure that you have the right items on hand to protect your frosting if you are going to be using it to cover a cake or other frosted items.

You will need some toothpicks to keep the plastic wrap off your frosting and some patience as you prepare the item for being covered in this way.

If you are ready to learn how to keep plastic wrap from sticking to your frosting, read on!

Are There Different Kinds of Plastic Wraps?

There are actually different grades of plastic wrap that you can buy for your needs. The commonly purchased kind that comes from the grocery store is much thinner and will stick more readily to everything.

This is the kind of plastic wrap that most people are familiar with but it is not the kind that is used in professional kitchens.

You can get a heavier duty plastic wrap for this kind of need and this would be the same product that is used by kitchen professionals in the food industry.

This is the kind of plastic wrap that is least likely to stick to your finished products. You will have a better experience working with this kind of plastic wrap than the grocery store kind.

How to Keep Plastic Wrap From Sticking to Frosting

This is a simple process, and no matter what kind of plastic wrap you use, you will have good luck using this method to cover your baked and frosted goods without issues.

The more durable and sturdy plastic wrap varieties will give you much better results with this method than the grocery store kind. You will be able to use this process with both kinds of plastic wrap.

You will need your plastic wrap, and some toothpicks for this method to work. Here are the steps that you will use:

1. Make sure that your cake or cupcakes are on a level surface and ideally are placed in or on the container or surface that you want to use to store them or carry them to another person’s house or party.

2. Insert toothpicks into the cake at both corners and make sure there are enough in the middle to keep the plastic wrap from sagging and touching the middle of the frosted area. For cupcakes, you will likely need to insert a toothpick into each cupcake carefully.

3. Make sure that you are not impacting decorations in the frosting and that you are not making holes in locations that cannot be covered up readily.

4. Spread the plastic wrap out gently, laying it over the toothpicks that you have inserted into your cake or cupcakes. Make sure not to pull down on the plastic because this will just press the toothpicks down into the cake or it might pull them out.

5. Wrap the edges of the plastic wrap under the sides of the container or tray that your cake or cupcakes are on. Make sure that you do not pull hard but do press the edges of the sheet of plastic together to hold it onto the tray or container.

6. If you are going to be transporting lots of cupcakes, consider splitting them up into different containers or separate trays to make sure that you can cover them without the plastic knocking them into one another or off the tray.

7. When you are ready to uncover the cake or cupcakes, make sure that you carefully unseal the plastic wrap from the edges of the tray or container and then lift the plastic straight up. If you make some small holes or blemishes in the frosting when you remove the plastic, just smooth them over with the end of one of the toothpicks.

What Are the Other Ways I Can Protect Frosting?

If you are bringing frosted items to an event and do not have plastic wrap or toothpicks, you can sometimes secure them safely inside a container that has a lid that will not touch the frosting.

This works well for cupcakes but there are some situations where you can bring cake to a party or gathering this way as well.

You might have to separate a larger frosted item into many containers to make this work, but in a bind, it can be a good way to take care of this need.

Keeping Plastic Wrap off Frosting Can be Easy

If you are struggling with your plastic wrap and frosting experience, adding some toothpicks and some patience can make a big difference.

You will find that this simple hack can save you a lot of time and frustration and your frosting will be in perfect condition when it reaches its set destination. Saving cakes and cupcakes in the fridge has never been easier as well with this trick up your sleeve.

Remember that you might want to invest in some higher-quality plastic wrap for this need, as it will be less likely to roll up and cause issues when you are trying to cover the toothpicks that you have inserted into your baked item.

You might also have better luck using this kind of plastic wrap for other cooking functions as well. Sometimes changing the quality of your plastic wrap can make a big difference in your ability to cover and protect frosted items with ease.

This simple trick will keep your frosting the same and unblemished when you are bringing a cake to a party or storing it for eating at another time.

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