How to Transport a Cake in Hot Weather

If you make cakes for a living, or you have been asked to bring a cake to an event that you have made at home, you will need to transport the cake to the party with care.

There are some considerations that you have to think about when the weather is very hot. There is nothing worse than melting or collapsing cake that has gotten too hot!

Transporting a cake in hot weather can be easier if you freeze the cake before you leave or if you control the environment that the cake is in while you are taking it to the party it is for.

There are a few additional ways that you can keep your cake cool like using ice packs. These tips and tricks can make transporting a cake much easier during the warm part of the year.

If you are ready to learn more about transporting a cake in hot weather, you need to read on!

Transporting Cakes in the Heat

If you have a summer event to head to, your cake needs to make it to the event in one piece. Some fillings and kinds of cake can be really sensitive to heat, even if they are not ice cream or other cold items.

You will need to have a plan in place to get your cake to the party without trouble related to the hot weather.

Always consider having a quality cake carrier on hand, as this is a much better solution than a pan or a regular cardboard box.

Your cake will be much better protected with a quality carrier, and you will be able to control the environment that it is exposed to much better if you use a proper cake carrier for the trip.

1. Freeze The Cake

If you want to be really sure that your cake will be in one piece when it arrives at a summer party, you should freeze it before you head out.

This is the way that professional cake makers preserve cakes that need to head to weddings and parties in the summer.

Most cakes and their fillings and frostings can tolerate being frozen very well.

If you have the room in your freezer to make sure that your cake is truly cold before you head out to the event, you should use this trick to keep your cake from melting during the trip.

The other benefit to freezing your cake before you leave for the party or wedding is that it will be able to withstand some higher temperatures when it is displayed as well.

2. Assemble When You Arrive

Along with freezing your cake, you might think about waiting to assemble it until you arrive at the event.

If you have room to frost and assemble your cake when you get to the event, you will want to take advantage of this tip. A lot of the parts of cakes that melt during transport are frostings and fillings.

You will find that these are the most vulnerable parts of a cake but also the easiest to add when you have arrived.

Assembling the cake after arrival might not work if you are trying to make a very fancy cake, but if you are going with something simple, you can easily use this trick to your advantage.

Making the cake picture perfect is very easy when you assemble it right before you serve it.

3. Cool your Car Beforehand

If you are going to be driving your assembled cake to the event and it is hot out, you will want to cool your car with the air conditioning on high for about 10 minutes before you leave is a good idea.

You will be able to prevent shock to the frostings and fillings when the car is really cool, and you can trust that temperature variation will not impact your cake if you have to drive slowly in traffic on the way to the event.

Cooling your car and keeping it cold can make it much more likely that your cake will make it safely in the event that it is needed.

You might be a little chilly during your drive, but that is okay if the cake arrives in one piece!

4. Use a Sun Shield

If you are worried about the sunlight that is coming into your car melting one side of the cake, you can put up a sun shield to keep the heat off of the cake.

These are easy to spread over the cake, even if it is in the backseat. You will be able to deflect all of the sun off the cake with this handy tool and make it much more likely to be in good shape when you arrive.

You can also make sure that you put the cake on the side of the car so that does not get the sun as you are driving.

You will probably be driving with the sun on one side of the car for most of the trip, so you can get ahead of this issue with ease by putting the cake on the other side of the car.

Keeping a Cake Cool During Transport Can be Easy

Keeping a cake cool during transport can actually be really easy. You will not have any trouble with the process of getting your cake to the event if you choose one or more of these handy tips and tricks to protect your cake during the transit process.

Cakes do best when they are frozen in advance and assembled at the venue, but even if you cannot do this, you have options.

Investing in a sun shield or putting the cake into a car that is already cooled down can make a huge difference in your cake transporting success.

You will be relieved when your cake makes it to the venue without issue, and your guests and friends will love seeing the results of your hard work!

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