What to Put In a Cookie Jar Besides Cookies

Cookie jars are versatile. You can use them to organize your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, laundry, and almost every room in your home.

So, if you have a spare jar on your kitchen shelf or cabinet, don’t let it lie idle. Here are creative ways to reuse that cookie jar.

Uses of Cookie Jar Besides Cookies

Here are some ways to use cookie jars besides cookies.

1. Use It To Prevent Your Sugar From Sticking Together.

Sugar is hygroscopic. When left in an open pack, it will absorb moisture and then stick together to form hard clumps or syrupy solutions that you cannot work with.

As well, sugar can attract ants and other bugs that contaminate it.

Therefore, if you have an open pack of sugar, don’t lose it to moisture and bugs. Get your spare cookie jar, and keep it in there. With an airtight lid, your cookie jar will keep moisture and bugs away from your sugar.

2. Use A Cookie Jar To Keep Cosmetics Within Reach

Nothing sucks like trying to locate your misplaced beauty products when you want to go to work, attend a special event, or go out and meet friends.

Such a scenario will literally spoil your day. You’ll waste a couple of minutes searching.

You don’t have to battle such inconveniences if you have a cookie jar you don’t use. Just stuff your small-size beauty products like nail polish and lip gloss into the container, and fasten the lid. That way, you’ll find the items intact the next time you wish to use them.

3. Keep Your Jewelry In A Cookie Jar To Minimize Corrosion

Many jewelry pieces tend to lose their aesthetic appeal quickly when exposed to moisture, oxygen, and other indoor elements. You’ll not look great with old-looking pieces of jewelry.

But, the good news is, you can slow down the deterioration by simply keeping your pieces of jewelry in an airtight container. That way, they won’t be exposed to the deteriorative elements.

Assuming you lack a dedicated container for your jewelry, don’t rush to get one from stores. Just use the spare cookie jar idling on your kitchen shelves. If you lack one that is free, pick one from this list of best airtight cookie jars.

4. Use Cookie Jars To Store Cereals

Check into any home, and you’ll likely find a dedicated container for storing cereals. The container protects cereals from bugs and elements that could lower their shelf life.

As well, the container minimizes the chances of spilling the cereals.

Assuming you lack a cereal container or the one you have is already full, don’t leave your cereals in an open container. Store them in the cookie jar lying idle on your shelves or cabinets. Like the cereal container, a cookie jar will protect your cereals from elements and bugs.

5. Protect Your Flour From Bugs With A Cookie Jar

Flour is a favorite food for roaches, rice weevils, flour mites, and other bugs. When left in an open packet, these insects will invade your flour, feast on it, and then contaminate it with fecal matter.

If you don’t wish to lose this pantry stable to pesky insects, convert your cookie jar into a flour storage container. With the jar’s airtight lid, you will rest assured that bugs won’t feast on your flour. As such, the flour will remain fresh and dry for days.

6. Use The Jars To Store Or Display Treats

Cookie jars can make great storage containers for several types of treats. You can use the containers to store candies, biscuits, nuts, baked potato fries, cheese, gingerbread, roasted chickpeas, oatmeal bites, and other snacks.

The jars will protect your treats against germs, moisture, dust, and any other contaminant that could reduce your treats’ lifespan.

Some people use transparent cookie jars to showcase their beautiful homemade treats to friends and family.

7. Organize Your Bathroom With Cookie Jars

From toothbrushes, razor blades, and soap to nail clippers, your bathroom can look cluttered without proper organization. In fact, sometimes, you’ll have to spend some time figuring out where you kept some essential toiletries.

If your bathroom looks messy and disorganized, get a spare cookie jar and use it to organize that bathroom.

Use the jars to keep small items like blades and clippers together, safeguard non-waterproof grooming items from damage, as well as give your bathroom an organized look.

8. To Preserve the Aroma And Taste Of Coffee Beans

Coffee connoisseurs argue that light, moisture, and air are the greatest enemies for coffee beans. When exposed to such elements, your coffee beans will lose their taste and sweet aroma. We bet you won’t enjoy a cup of coffee brewed from such coffee beans.

Therefore, if you’ve been looking for what to put in a cookie jar besides cookies, and yet you have an open bag of coffee beans, it would matter to transfer those beans to an airtight cookie jar.

In this case, you should go for ceramic or enameled cookie jars. Avoid transparent glass jars since they will expose the coffee beans to light. 

9. Use The Jars To Keep Your Board Game’s Playing Pieces

Board gaming is an excellent way to pass your free time. Research shows that these games can improve focus, mental agility, and teamwork. Then again, owning a board game can turn out to be a pain point.

The boards come with loose playing pieces, which are highly prone to misplacement. To add to the misfortune, your board will be useless when you lose a single piece.

Assuming you are one of those board game enthusiasts and yet you lack a dedicated place to store the playing pieces, use one of your empty cookie jars for that purpose.

Keep your Home Organized with Cookie Jars

If you’ve been wondering what to put in a cookie jar besides cookies, don’t think too hard. You can use these storage containers to organize your toiletries, stationery, jewelry, and cosmetics.

You can also use our spare cookie jar to store your flour, sugar, treats, coffee, playing pieces, and cereals. There are unlimited applications for these storage containers.

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