How to Make a Cookie Jar Airtight [5 Easy Ways]

Doubtlessly, a cookie jar should be airtight. That’s the only way the jar will keep moisture, dust, dirt, and other contaminants away from your treats.

Then again, not all cookie storage containers are airtight.

Perhaps, the manufacturer made the so, or their lids have worn out with time. If you own such a jar, do not render it useless.

With a bit of creativity, you can make it airtight. How? Here are practical tips for you.

Why Is It Necessary To Make Your Cookie Jar Airtight?

Doubtlessly, cookies store well in airtight containers. When stored in such containers, your treats won’t suck up or lose excess moisture. That means they will retain their crunchy or soft texture for several days.

Additionally, an airtight cookie jar will protect your treats from dirt, germs, and other contaminants that could accelerate spoilage. Cookies can remain fresh for as long as one to two weeks in an airtight container.

With that said, having a cookie jar with a loose lid is quite useless. It will expose your treats to contaminants and moisture. The cookies will get stale after just a few days.

Easy Tips To Make A Cookie Jar Airtight

Making your cookie jar airtight isn’t rocket science. It is a skill that needs a little bit of time and creativity. Supposing you aren’t too inventive, do not fret. Here are practical skills to help you make your cookie storage canister airtight.

1. Use Sugru Glue

The sugru glue looks and feels like playdough. You can mold it around your cookie canister’s loose lid to form an airtight rubbery barrier that will protect your cookies against moisture, dirt, dust, and germs.

What’s more? The Sugru glue isn’t toxic. However, you’ll want to make sure that it doesn’t come into direct contact with your cookies since it isn’t certified food safe. You can buy it online in stores or at the shops near you.

This moldable putty adheres firmly to ceramic, plastic, wood, metal, and fabric. It won’t peel off easily. But again, sugru glue might not be an ideal seal if you intend to open your jar several times.

2. Use Bottle Sealing Tape

A bottle of sealing tape is another effective way to make a cookie jar airtight. This sealing tape stretches and flexes to fit around the opening of most canisters with little effort. You need no experience to use the tape.

So, how do you use this sealing tape to make a cookie jar airtight? It is simple. You’ll just need to wrap the tape around and on top of your cookie jar’s lid to get the job done.

The seal has a strong adhesive that sticks on ceramic, glass, and plastic surfaces without issue. You can remove the tape quickly, any time you want to get a share of your delicious treats.

Many bottle-sealing tapes have superb resistance to temperatures, chemicals, and water. They will stick on even if you keep the cookie jar in a freezer or expose it to extreme indoor temperatures.

The bottle-sealing tape is safe. It will not adulterate your cookies with harmful compounds.

3. Seal Your Cookie Jar with a Filament Tape

Also known as strapping tape, filament tape isn’t a new thing. People have been using it to wrap packaging boxes and bundle items together. You can easily find the tape at a shop near your residence.

This tape has a pressure-sensitive adhesive that effortlessly sticks on plastic, ceramic, wood, and glass surfaces. So, rest assured it won’t disappoint when looking to make your glass, ceramic, or plastic jar airtight.

Using filament tape is super easy. You just wrap it around your cookie jar’s lid. Make sure you seal all the possible areas that could let moisture, bacteria, dirt, and other contaminants into your cookie jar.

4. Seal Your Cookie Jar Using the Ordinary Cling Film

The cling film in your kitchen wasn’t just designed to help you wrap leftovers. But, you can use the film to make your cookie jar airtight. How? Wrap it around the jar’s lid to seal the possible space that could let moisture into or out of the cookie storage container.

Unlike filament tape, bottle sealing tape, and sugru moldable glue, cling films are readily available in most kitchens. We guess you have one standby. If you don’t, you can get one at a less expensive price.

Since the cling film doesn’t use an adhesive, it won’t challenge you whenever you wish to get some cookies from your jar.

What’s more? Many cling films are food safe. They won’t leach BPA, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals into your cookies. You can even wrap your food directly with cling film.

5. Make the Work Easy With Food Storage Bags

Let’s face it. Using a cling film, filament tape, sugru glue, or bottle sealing tape isn’t easy. You will need a couple of minutes to wrap and unwrap the seals whenever you want to get a few treats out of your cookie jar.

This is where food storage bags like Ziploc bags and re-sealable bags come in. With these bags, you’ll just need to stack your cookie in the bags and keep them in the cookie jar. There will be no need to seal the cap with tape or cling film.

Food storage bags are airtight. They will protect your cookies from all contaminants. And the good thing is, many food storage bags are free of chemicals that can contaminate your food.

Time To Make Your Cookie Jar Airtight

If you’ve been deliberating how to make a cookie jar airtight, worry no more. It is a simple skill that needs a little bit of creativity. You can use sugru moldable glue, sealing tape, filament tape, or cling film to get the job done.

Assuming you lack the time to seal and reseal your cookie jar, just stack the treats in storage bags and then keep them in your jar.

As an alternative, you can just get the best cookie jar with an airtight lid to avoid frustration.

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