Can You Rebake Cookies to Make Them Crispy?

Cookies are one of the best and most comforting baked goods around. Who doesn’t love a good cookie? But if you have made cookies and they are limp or not crisp enough, what can you do?

Most people who have made squishy cookies think that there is nothing to do about this issue.

Cookies that are too wet or did not crisp at the edges can actually be salvaged by putting them back into the oven. Many people do not know that you can do this, but you can actually save your cookies by putting them right back into the oven.

If you are wanting to make sure that your cookies are not ruined, you can put them back in the oven to save the day!

If you need to know more about if you can rebake your cookies to make them crispy, you need to read on!

How to Know if Your Cookies Are Actually Not Done

Sometimes baked goods are actually done that do not appear to be done. You might think your cookies are not done but they just need a moment to cool off and set up.

You should always wait at least two or three minutes to see if the cookies start to firm up as they cool off.

The true test is making sure that one of the cookies is set up enough. This is not a hardship, as even soggy cookies are still pretty good!

If you find that the cookie has not been set up, you will want to take the next steps. Soggy cookies will not get less soggy after the three-to-five-minute mark so you can move on to taking care of the issue.

How to Rebake Cookies to Make Them Crispy

The best way to salvage cookies that are soggy or have not been completely baked is to set your oven to 300 degrees F. You can even choose 325 degrees F if you think that your cookies are well off the mark.

You do need to be careful about picking a higher temperature if the cookies are a little brown around the edges since this could easily burn the edges more and not cook the middle.

The goal of reheating the cookies is not to cook them until they burn. You can be sure that you get the center of the cookies dried out without ruining the edges of the cookies or burning them.

The choice between the two temperatures really depends on what the edges of the cookies look like. If they look squishy and pale, you can use the higher temperature. If they look a little brown, you can use the lower temperature.

You will want to put the cookies in only after the temperature of the oven is right. Baking the cookies at the wrong temperature for a while can make them crumbly and dry.

You will want to bake them for no more than 10 to 15 minutes. Some cookies might only need 5 more minutes.

Tips to make Rebaking Easier

If you are not sure if you are doing the process correctly, there are some tips that you need to know. This will help you to get the best results for your extra work to save your cookies.

Look at the Color of the Cookies

The color of the edges of the cookies will tell you how long they need to bake. Brown edges mean that the cookies will need less bake time.

Light edges might mean that you can bake them for full time. This is your key guideline to help you know how long to cook them the second time around.

Check in Frequently

You should turn on your oven light and peek in on your cookies frequently. The difference of a few minutes of bake time can be critical for this process to be successful.

You will want to make sure that you are looking in on your cookies as they are baking for the second time to be sure that you can see when they start to get completely done.

Make Sure That You Do Not Open the Oven Door

You will want to avoid opening the oven door as the cookies are cooking for the second time because this can impact the temperature inside the oven in a big way.

You will want the temperature to be stable while the cookies are getting this second cooking process in. This will prevent other issues with the cookies that cannot be fixed with any further cooking.

Opening the oven door is not necessary if you track the time they have been in the oven and make sure that you turn the oven light on.

Bake at Higher Temps for a Very Short Time

If you do select cooking at a higher temperature, remember that the cookies will probably only hold up to a few minutes at a higher temperature before the edges will start to burn.

This is an area where people commonly make critical errors in their rebaking process. You can easily overcook your batch of cookies by turning the temperature up too much.

Rebaking Soggy Cookies Can Save Them

If you have taken your cookies out of the oven and they are soft or not browned enough, you can probably save them with second baking with ease.

Make sure that you use this process and these tips and tricks to make sure that your second baking does the trick. There are very few instances where you cannot save your cookies by baking them for an additional few minutes at a low temperature.

You will find that most batches of cookies can be saved with ease and you will not have to start over again. Usually, the reason that your cookies did not turn out is related to the moisture that is left in the center of the cookie.

Making sure to dry your cookies out can save the batch and make them delicious again with ease!

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