Space-Saving Ironing: A Deep Dive into Ironing Blankets

Are you living in tiny apartments? I guess you may be looking for an alternative to ironing boards because of space problems. Then, you may use an ironing blanket.

What is an ironing blanket?

An ironing blanket is a scorch and heat-resistant mat that allows you to iron on flat surfaces. With this mat, you can iron garments almost anywhere. It’s handy for travelers and people who change their residing place more frequently.

Does it sound interesting to you? Then, follow me!

Using ironing blanket to iron clothes

Types of Ironing Blanket

Two types of ironing blankets are popular in the market. These are-

  • Magnetic ironing mat
  • Wool ironing mat

Magnet ironing mat

  • Uses magnets around the corner.
  • Its slip-resistant body lets you iron smoothly.
  • Transform any metallic surface into an ironing board instantly.
  • perfect for the top of the washer and dryer.
  • provide better ironing performances than regular mats.

Wool ironing mat

This ironing mat is made from 100 % pure wool. So, it can retain heat for a longer time.

This mat is suitable for quilting works as it keeps the blocks stable. Like other blankets, it is lightweight and suitable for smaller residing places.

However, you should always pick mats made with the finest quality of wool. Inferior quality wool can hamper the gliding of the soleplate. Moreover, they can’t retain heat properly.

Pros of Using Ironing Blanket

Perfect for quilting

Professional ironing blankets like wool ironing mats can be an excellent choice for quilting works. If you’re a big fan of crafts and decorative works and are low on budget, these blankets may suit you perfectly. Usually, they don’t cost above $50.

During quilting, it keeps the blocks stable to save them from stretching. So, quilt more and amaze your friends and family members!

Better ironing experience

Aren’t you satisfied with the poor state of your garments? Then, use ironing blankets to look great! They can improve your ironing experience as

  • They allow you to iron comfortably.
  • Ironing will be quick.
  • Pressing clothes will be easy.
  • Permit you to iron at high heat.
  • The scratch-resistant surface ensures smooth gliding.

Heat resistant surface

Are you worried that a hot soleplate can damage board covers? Then, use ironing blankets. These blankets can withstand heat as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Bravo!

In contrast, regular ironing board covers can be damaged at high heat. So, you may need to change them frequently. Instead, use blankets to enjoy comfortable ironing.

Not only that, some blankets have robust magnets around the corners to keep them steady. So, overall ironing performance will be more outstanding than ever.

Suitable for small apartment

Using an ironing board in small apartments is tricky. You may buy a folded board to solve the spacing problem. However, when you start ironing, you’ll need enough space, which you may not afford.

In such cases, blankets may be the best solution for you. Open and place it anywhere and start polishing clothes. You can even place it on the top of the washer and dryer. Problem solved!


First of all, metal-framed ironing boards are a little heavy. You may buy plastic boards, which won’t last long.

However, metal boards aren’t suitable for everyone. If you love to travel a lot, buying such boards is nothing but a waste of money.

In such scenarios, buy ironing mats that can be folded or packed easily into suitcases. Moreover-

  • They are lightweight.
  • Perfect for every situation.
  • It allows you to iron almost anywhere.
  • Can be stored easily in closets.

Because of these qualities, this blanket can be a great friend for people living in RVs, smaller places, dormitories, and studio flats. So, now look great while traveling!

Protects dryer and washer

These thick blankets can be doubled as a protector for the washer and dryer. Their thick surface can save your favorite laundry appliances from dust, lint, and any kind of trivial damage.

Most importantly, they can fit on most of the washer and dryer.

Saves time

Using an ironing board can create a lot of hassle for you. First of all, you need to take it out of the place where you’ve kept it. Then, open it with your hands and place it on the floor. After ironing, store it again. What the hell! Do you want to do it?

If you want to save yourself from such troubles, use ironing mats without any doubt. It’s easy to use and can save a lot of time. Most importantly, it can transform any flat surface into an ironing board within seconds.

Saves money

Buying a standard or wider ironing board is not a trivial matter. You need to spend almost $100 to buy it. However, such boards may present you with a professional level of finishing.

An ironing board is the perfect choice for frequent users who maintain a big family. In contrast, an ironing blanket is enough for occasional users (love to wear polyester and spandex!).

Cons of Using an Ironing Blanket

Not height adjustable

Most of the ironing boards let you adjust their height. It’s one of the crucial advantages of using boards.

However, blankets don’t provide you with such an opportunity. You need to place it on a flat surface and start ironing. As you can’t adjust the height, you may feel back pain. Therefore, extra precautions should be taken care of.

Always place them on surfaces that suit you perfectly. Never bend over the mats while ironing. If so, you may face severe pain down the road.

Not suitable for extra-long garments

People buy ironing boards when they need to polish oversized garments. With boards, processing larger fabrics is super easy.

On the other hand, you may face difficulty if you use mats. First, the surface area of mats is significantly lower than that of boards. Secondly, they are not that stable.

Therefore, buy wider boards if you are a big fan of gorgeous drapes or bedding!

Leave marks on clothes

Ironing boards offer you padded and thick surfaces. They don’t damage fabrics, provided that you take proper care of them.

However, mats can leave marks on fabrics at high heat. So, buy wool ironing mats for better results.

Wrinkles in clothes

Removing stubborn wrinkles from garments is pretty difficult. You need to press hard, which you can’t afford with mats.

Therefore, you need to ensure-

  • Powerful steam iron.
  • Robust ironing board.
  • Pressing cloth.

If you use mats instead of using ironing boards, wrinkles may be permanent. In some cases, you may observe wrinkles even after ironing.

Ironing Blanket vs. Ironing Board

FeaturesIroning boardIroning blanket
Surface areaMoreComparatively less
Height adjustableYesNo
LongevityLasts longerLasts less
PriceComparatively higherLower
WeightA little bit weightyLightweight
PortabilityLess portableMore portable
Removing wrinklesEasyHard, especially stubborn ones.
ProsMore surface area
Super easy ironing
Better ironing performance
More stable
Heat resistant surface
Not costly
Suitable for travelers
Perfect for a studio flat or small area
Saves time
Require more space
Less portable
Not suitable for over-sized fabrics
Removing wrinkles can be challenging.

What Does an Ironing Board Do?

These boards allow you to iron smoothly and polish clothes without any trouble. They have a plastic or metal-made body with a thick pad on the surface.

Its robust body keeps your dresses lying flat and stable. So, you won’t face any difficulty while ironing. There are so many types of boards in the market. If you have limited space in your apartment, always pick the folded ones. They are easy to use and store.

Final Thought

Ironing blankets or mats can make ironing easy for you. They are cheap, portable, and lightweight. Surprisingly, they versatile mats can save the top of your dryer and washer.

However, they might not be as stable as ironing boards. Moreover, if you aren’t careful, you may suffer from back pain.

So, what do you think about mats? Please leave it in the comment.

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