Can Ironing Board Cover Make a Difference?

Ironing board cover and pad may make your busy day enjoyable. But, do they make any difference?

Ironing board covers are the best purchase for sewing, decorative works, and ironing. Most importantly, they protect garments from hot soleplates and dust. In addition, they let you easily remove wrinkles from literally any garment. So, board covers make a difference for sure.

To understand whether an ironing board cover makes a difference or not, you should look at its benefits. Then, you’ll understand it correctly. 

Let’s start!

Setting ironing board cover on a ironing board

Benefits of Using an Ironing Board Cover

Perfect for quilting

Quilting is one of the most popular decorative hobbies in the US. For quilting, a sturdy ironing board with a cover and pad is crucial. 

You can quilt on any hard surface. However, padded covers can let you quilt effectively as it is even and smooth. Therefore, buy a padded ironing board cover if you love to quilt a lot.

Protect ironing board

A sturdy cover can easily handle numerous ironing sessions perfectly. They aren’t cheap at all. if you want to buy a folded ironing board, you may need to spend over $100. Even, a standard ironing blanket can cost you more than $40. 

That’s why covers can be an excellent investment for your family. They can easily protect boards from heat and dust. 

Surprisingly, they last longer, even more than a decade. So, when you visit the supermarket next time, don’t forget to buy a cover.

Make ironing easier

A standard ironing board cover can make ironing easier. The coating (mainly silicon) on its surface allows the soleplate to move smoothly. In addition, velcro straps keep the cover steady in its position. As a result, you feel comfortable polishing garments on a heat-resistant cover. 

After ironing, your dresses will look fresh and professional. Don’t you want to stay fit and look great?

However, it isn’t the only key to professional-level ironing. It would be best if you used a powerful steam iron, pressing cloth, wrinkle release spray, and even vinegar to make your garments look great.

Reduces regular ironing time

Some of you may buy powerful iron and ironing boards to make ironing easier. However, faster ironing isn’t possible without a standard ironing board cover. It reduces the regular ironing time by a significant margin. That’s why it would be a great purchase if you iron regularly. 

So, you don’t need to seek professional laundry services anymore. Just use the cover and enjoy excellent polishing at your home. Most importantly, save some dimes! 

Reflects heat

Sometimes users may complain that their irons work slowly. To make ironing easier, use a heat-reflective surface. With such surfaces, you don’t need to iron both sides of your dresses. So, energy consumption may be reduced.

So, buying such a heat-reflective cover can be a great investment for your family.

Suitable for steaming

You may search for some specific features when you’re going to buy irons. Some of you may be a big fan of steaming. It’s faster and suitable for all fabrics. However, you may face difficulty in steaming and ironing when the board is wet. 

The waterproof cover can solve this problem easily. But, all covers aren’t waterproof. Never forget this issue when buying it.

Remove wrinkles smoothly

Sometimes you may face difficulty in removing wrinkles from shirts and pants. In such cases, you must need a sturdy ironing board with cover. 

Luckily, this cover can help you with wrinkles too. It lets you polish delicate items.

So, don’t worry about wrinkles anymore. Those boring are already gone! For better results, buy scorch-resistant covers that give you more confidence. They cost around $30.

Fits perfectly

The elasticized edge of the covers fits perfectly on the surface of any standard ironing board. Some covers may have magnets around the corners. So, it can be doubled up as a protective cover for your washer or dryer. 

However, not all covers use tight elastic. Therefore, always check the elastic before buying a cover. 

Perfect for the sewing project

Sewing isn’t an easy task. You can’t sew perfectly without an iron, an ironing board, and a cover. You need to heat press every seam that you make.  

For obvious reasons, sewing and pressing become comfortable on a decent level of cover.

Lasts longer

Generally, covers last longer and serve and protect your dresses down the road perfectly. 

If you want a durable cover, buy a padded one. These covers can protect clothes from iron board marks. 

You can get a cover for around $20. However, it can make a massive difference to your overall ironing experience. This product is a must-buy for both professional and new users. Interestingly, they are easy to install and remove. 

Lastly, washing them is super easy. Some covers are machine washable, while others can be treated by wiping only. 

Spoiler alert, never use a dryer for them!

What Should I Cover My Ironing Board With?

You should cover the ironing board with a cover and pad. Quality cover and pad can elevate your ironing experience to a great extent. 

That’s why you always buy the best quality cover and pad. 

Silicon-coated covers are scorch-resistant, protecting your garments from debris, dirt, and starch build-up. Try to buy covers made of 100% fabric.

Lastly, thick pads ensure proper heat distribution of the soleplate. Instead of one-layer pads, keep your trust in three to four-layer pads. These pads always work better. 

Are Silicone Ironing Board Covers Better?

Silicon-coated covers are better than other covers as

  • These covers are more durable.
  • Scorch and stain-resistant.
  • Reflect heats easily.
  • Allow you to iron quickly.
  • Protects clothes from ironing board marks.
  • Less affected by starch.

However, these covers change their colors when you use them regularly at high heat. Therefore, ensure reasonable care of them.

How Do I Make a Fitted Ironing Board Cover?


  • Cotton fabric
  • Pad
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Drawcord
  • Garment scissor
  • Sewing machine


  • First, take a piece of fabric and place your ironing board face down on it. I suggest you choose dark-colored 100% cotton as it’ll last longer and is stainless.
  • Mark three and a half inches out from the ironing board. Use a ruler and colored pencil for marking.
  • Now, cut along the markings with a sharp scissor.
  • Take a pad and cut it according to the size of your ironing board. If you use multiple layers of pads, sew them along the border after cutting.
  • Fold the fabric twice around the edge and attach pins. Cover the whole border. Such pinning will allow the sewing of the fabric quickly. However, it isn’t a must-have thing to do.
  • Sew close to the edge of the folded area. Don’t worry about the sewing as it’ll stay underneath the ironing board. However, never forget to do your best. Stop sewing at least 2 inches before the beginning spot. 
  • It’s time to take a drawcord and run it through the tunnel created by sewing. 

That’s it. Your ironing board cover is made, and try it on the board. If you want to use a pad, put it underneath the cover. 

What is the Best Padding for an Ironing Board?

For better results, you can choose a pad made from 100% cotton or wool felt. They can maintain their shape after washing. Never use foam padding as it can lose its form quickly. Another bad element for padding is asbestos. This natural product is heat resistant. However, it can cause several diseases, especially cancer.

Another criterion of the best pad is weight. Weighty pads help board covers retain their shape over time. Ironing on such surfaces is super comfortable. Moreover, stick yourself with a multi-layered pad. It works great. 

Always take extra care in choosing the best pad for your ironing board. Unless your board won’t perform better.

Final Thought

From the above discussion, it may be clear that ironing board cover is an integral part of ironing works. If you iron frequently, buy the best quality cover. If not, you can stick with a normal cover and pad. 

However, I suggest you use a standard cover and pad for all situations.

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