Can You Dehydrate Lasagna?

If you love dishes like lasagna, but you really don’t have the time to make them because of your busy schedule, you are in luck! You can dehydrate dishes like lasagna and then take them on the road with you when you are camping or keep them on hand for quick and easy meals.

This is the easiest way to preserve this kind of meal. If you have a vacuum sealer, you can also keep your lasagna in storage for a long time with ease.

Dehydrating lasagna is easier than you might think. Many people get intimidated by the thought of the dehydration process, but it really isn’t that hard at all. Once you have dehydrated one batch of lasagna, you will be an expert!

Classic Lasagna with bolognese sauce

How to Dehydrate Lasagna

The first thing that you need to do is cook the lasagna as usual. You might need to just take a day to cook up a large batch of this dish so that you can dehydrate and store it for future use.

Once your lasagna is cooked, you will need to line the dehydrator that you are using with clear plastic wrap or with parchment paper. Leaving an inch of space between the lasagna and the edges of the tray will ensure better air circulation as your food dehydrates.

You can also use the oven for this process if you are comfortable using it on very high heat. Your dehydrator will need to be set for 1450 F, and you will need to let the lasagna cook for about 10 minutes per batch, then allow it to dehydrate for about five more hours.

You will want to turn and crumble the food often as it dehydrates to make sure that it will dry all the way through. This also helps to make sure that you will not have lumpy bits in your lasagna that you have stored after it has been dehydrated completely.

Once your lasagna has dehydrated for the full amount of time, you will want to let it rest for a few hours to cool. Then, you can proceed with storing your dehydrated meal.

Using a Vacuum Sealer to Store Your Dehydrated Lasagna

Your lasagna can be stored very reliably with the help of a vacuum sealer. Make sure that you do not overfill your vacuum sealing bags for best results. Putting too much food into each sealed bag can impact the well-being of the seal and lead to issues with food that spoils while it is in storage.

Make sure that you write the date on all of the vacuum sealer bags that you use to store your dehydrated lasagna. This will ensure that you will remember to use the oldest bags first.

You should get a long storage life out of food that has been both dehydrated and vacuum sealed, but marking the sealing date on the bags is still a good idea.

Vacuum sealed and dehydrated lasagna should keep for up to a couple of years if stored correctly. Place this food in a cool, dark place. You do not need to place the lasagna in the freezer since it has been dehydrated.

You should still be sure that your dehydrated lasagna is not exposed to heat and moisture since this can still impact the contents of the storage bags.

Tips and Tricks

Always wash your hands before you use your vacuum sealer to store food. You can introduce bacteria into the bags with your hands, which can have an impact on the freshness and texture of the food that is stored inside.

Even without air getting to the food that is in the vacuum sealed bags, bacteria can be an issue if it has been sealed into the bags at the time that you stored your food.

Make sure that you do not put an excessive amount of lasagna into each storage bag. This will help you to prevent food waste, and it will also ensure that your vacuum sealed bags get a good seal.

Storing the right amount of food for one person per meal in each bag is a good idea. This will also ensure that you can bring the right amount of dehydrated lasagna on camping trips or traveling with you.

When you store too much food in each storage bag, you might find that you cannot eat all of the food once you have warmed it up and rehydrated it. Dehydrated food can look like it’s a small portion when, in reality, it is far more food than one person can eat.

This is a common misconception that people have when they first start using this storage process, but you can avoid this issue by storing smaller amounts per bag.

Storing your dehydrated meals in a dark place is easier than you might think. If you have a cupboard or a shelf that does not get a lot of light and that is not exposed to heat, this is the place for your dehydrated and freeze-dried foods to be stored.

If you make sure that your vacuum sealed bags have an even layer of lasagna in them, they will stack neatly as well.

Lasagna Can be Dehydrated With Ease

If you are tired of food waste in your home or don’t have the time to cook during the week, a dehydrator can be your best friend.

Dehydrating your favorite meals and then storing them with your vacuum sealer is a great way to avoid food waste and to make sure that you have quality meals on hand at all times.

Taking a single day to do food prep and then storing all of the meals that you have made and dehydrated can be much easier than cooking each day. Dehydrated foods are very simple to store and can be counted on to stay fresh for a very long time.

Lasagna is a great option for this kind of food storage process, and it tastes great when it is warmed up and rehydrated.

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