Can You Vacuum Seal Watermelon?

When you love fresh fruit and vegetables, you probably know that it can be hard to get through all of your produce before it goes bad. This can be really frustrating if you hate wasting food.

Food waste can be a big issue when you love fruit like watermelon since there is so much food that can come from a single watermelon.

Thankfully, you can easily vacuum seal watermelon to keep it fresh for the long haul. This is a great way to make sure that you are not going to have to throw out half of your watermelon or more because you don’t have time to get around to eating it.

Watermelon keeps really well when you have a vacuum sealer on hand, and then you can count on this yummy fruit being available whenever you want to enjoy it!

If you are ready to learn more about how to vacuum seal watermelon, you need to keep reading!

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How to Vacuum Seal Watermelon

Watermelon is one of the foods that you need to prepare carefully before you seal it into a vacuum sealing bag. You will need to make sure that you have cut the watermelon into slices that will fit into the bags that you have on hand.

You will probably only want to put one normal-sized slice into each bag. The shape of the watermelon when it is cut into slices will cause it to be tough to get a good seal on the bags if you put in more than a single slice.

Make sure that you use a paper towel to pat the slices dry before you seal them up as well. This will help the slices to stay fresh for longer and make sure that you don’t impact the texture of the watermelon while it is sealed.

Sealing up items that have a lot of moisture in them can lead to damage to the texture of the item, even when there is no air getting to the sealed food.

Make sure that you always wash your hands before you seal up your watermelon slices as well. Bacteria from your hands can actually ruin the food that you have sealed into your vacuum sealed bags.

Opening spoiled food can be a big disappointment, and you will want to avoid this issue if at all possible. When you wash your hands before you seal up food with your vacuum sealer, you will eliminate one of the most common reasons for your food going bad.

Can I Store Watermelon in the Freezer?

You can store your watermelon slices in the freezer if you wish. This will make them last for as long as a year. You will want to make sure that you are not placing anything heavy on top of your stored watermelon that is in the fridge, however. Watermelon is so soft that it can still be crushed even when it has been frozen.

Watermelon cubes can also be stored in the freezer with the same care as slices. The pulpy part of the watermelon is not that hardy when it comes to maintaining texture, so be sure that you are not placing any of your watermelon that is vacuum sealed where it can be squished at all.

Watermelon that has been vacuum sealed will keep for a month or two in the fridge, which might be the best solution for your needs. Many people enjoy watermelon enough that they are not going to need to keep all of it in the freezer to enjoy it slowly over an extended period of time.

Cubed watermelon might not keep for quite as long in the fridge, so consider storing it in slice form when you want to make sure that your watermelon will last.

Always make sure that you mark the date that you sealed your watermelon on each bag that you store in the fridge or freezer. Since the shape of the watermelon can impact the quality of the seal on each bag, make sure that you check the seals on your stored watermelon from time to time.

You will want to use up any watermelon that has started to lose its seal. Usually, this will not impact the flavor or the texture of the watermelon so long as the seal has not completely failed.

How Long Does it Take to Thaw Out Watermelon?

Watermelon will thaw pretty fast when it has been removed from the freezer. Resist the urge to hurry the defrosting process, as you can ruin the texture of your watermelon and impact the taste.

Watermelon does best when you let it rest on the counter until it has thawed. You can also place the watermelon you want to thaw out in the fridge and wait for it to thaw out more slowly. Either method will work.

Most foods that you have stored with a vacuum sealer in the freezer will just need to thaw out for a few hours at room temperature before they can be enjoyed.

This is one of the nice things about using a vacuum sealer for storage. It is really simple to get your food ready to enjoy after a brief thawing period.

Vacuum Sealing Watermelon is Easy

If you love watermelon and hate having to throw out so much of it, you will love using your vacuum sealer to prevent food waste. Being able to enjoy watermelon whenever you want to have it can be a huge blessing if you love this large fruit and hate having to decide how to enjoy all of it before it goes bad.

Make sure that you don’t put too many slices of watermelon into each bag and that you do not accidentally squish your watermelon when you store it in the fridge or the freezer. Watermelon can keep for months in the freezer and for at least two months in the fridge.

If you are tired of throwing out food all the time, your vacuum sealer will make sure that you never have to waste produce again.

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