Do College Dorms Have TVs?

College dorms have many different benefits. They often have gyms connected with them and you might get discounted and delicious food in the attached cafeteria.

You will have your personal living space as well as study area and you can often choose to live with a roommate or have a single room for an added fee.

College dorms are the step in between living at home and being totally on your own. Dorm life allows you to experience adult life with some help and support. You will have lots of fun with this process and you will grow in your knowledge of yourself.

One of the biggest questions that people have related to their college dorm life is what entertainment options will be made available to students. Many students want to know if college dorms have TVs.

Do College Dorms Have TVs?

The answer to this is often that dorm rooms do not have their own TVs. Your dorm room is intended for you to study and sleep, but if you want a TV in your room, you will have to bring one with you from home.

With the rise of TV streaming and other kinds of media, you will find that using your laptop or even your phone can be a viable way to watch your favorite shows even in your dorm room without a TV.

There are some affordable ways to bring along a TV with you if you are set on doing so, but there are other ways to gain access to a TV if you need one.

Sometimes your dorm room is not the perfect place for a TV, and you might need to use other means to access a TV for your schoolwork or leisure time.

TVs in Common Spaces

Some dorms will have common spaces that have TVs that can be used for gaming and other needs by students. These rooms might also host movie nights and other fun activities that can be shared with your new roommates.

This is a great way to socialize and meet new people while also getting to enjoy the use of a TV.

Many dorms make sure that shared items like TVs are carefully monitored and you might need to reserve the time that you need the TV on a signup sheet or board.

Shared activities using the TV might include potlucks or other fun activities and you should consider taking part in these activities to meet new people and have some fun.

You might even be able to reserve time to watch movies or TV shows with a group. You might find that other people will want to join in, and this can be a great way to make new friends.

TVs in Other Locations

There are other ways that you can gain access to a TV if you want to watch sports or see other TV shows. There are often many locations on campus like college bars and campus restaurants where you can enjoy watching TV.

You might not be able to pick what you are watching, but you can still get out of your room and do something fun while you watch the TV offerings at these locations.

Some of these places will also host movie nights and TV show nights that you can enjoy. You will be able to socialize with new friends and get to know other people with the same interests at these shared events.

This is one of the reasons that dorms encourage students not to bring TVs with them to school. There are so many social events that can be enjoyed surrounding movies and sports events.

Can I Bring a Large Screen TV With Me?

The answer to this will depend on the size of your dorm rooms and the rules at your dorm. You might find that most dorm rooms will not be big enough for a large TV. You might also want to consider that your roommate might not want this large of a TV in your room.

The other consideration that you need to keep in mind related to bringing a TV to your dorm room is security. Your dorm room will lock, but if your roommate props the door open or brings over people that you do not know when you are gone, your TV could be at risk.

It is never wise to bring expensive items with you to school, and many dorms and floor RAs will advise against this practice for many reasons.

The security of dorms is notoriously low when it comes to electronics and even things like laptops and other tech items should probably be taken with you unless you know for sure that your dorm room will stay locked and closed when you are away.

You can sometimes buy a safe that will hold your electronics and that can be locked when you are out of the room, but you might need to have space that is not available in your dorm room for this item as well.

TV and Dorm Rooms Often Don’t Mix

There are many reasons why bringing a TV with you to college is not really a good idea. From space constraints to distractions while studying and sleeping, or issues with theft and security, it is often better to just use TVs in common areas if needed.

There are many ways to stream TV these days that do not require the use of a TV and your college will probably advise you to use a tablet or laptop for these needs. It can be a lot of fun to go to common spaces to use a TV and you might have lots more fun watching sports events if you head to a bar or restaurant to do so.

College is a really fun and social time in your life and you will miss out on a lot of the fun if you are holed up in your dorm with your TV.

Leaving your TV at home can help you to get the most out of your dorm life experience.

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