Can You Vacuum Seal Carrots?

If you hate food waste, you probably cringe every time that you don’t get all of your fresh vegetables eaten before they go bad. Things like carrots can keep for a long time, but they will still need to be eaten within a few weeks of purchase.

Carrots are a really great addition to salads and all kinds of other foods, so keeping them fresh needs to be a priority if you like cooking with this vegetable.

You can vacuum seal carrots if you want them to last for the long haul, and you will be so glad that you took the time to do so. Vegetables like carrots store really well in vacuum sealing bags, and you will not need to know any special skills to get them sealed into the bags with ease.

If you have been worried about keeping your carrots fresh for more than a couple of weeks, a vacuum sealer is a way to go.

Vacuum sealing carrots is a great way to store them, and you will not need any special skills to get this storage job done.

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Do I Have to Freeze My Carrots to Keep Them Fresh?

Carrots that have been vacuum sealed can be kept fresh in the fridge for about a month. If you choose to put them into the freezer, you will get about six months or more from your storage process.

Smaller carrots, like baby carrots, can store for even longer than whole carrots that have their skin on still. Carrots are one of the items that seal really well in vacuum sealing bags, and this means that they are easy to keep fresh for a really long time.

Make sure that you date the bags that you have sealed as well. This will help you to remember to eat your carrots on time and not let them go bad.

Carrots that have been stored for too long might have less-than-ideal texture, or they could be dried out. You will still be able to eat them, but they will not be nearly as enjoyable to consume.

How to Store Carrots With a Vacuum Sealer

If you have never stored carrots with a vacuum sealer, don’t worry! This is a really simple process that anyone can do. The first step is to be sure that you wash your hands well. You do not want to seal bacteria into the bags from your hands, or your carrots will go bad while they are stored.

This is always a good idea when you are vacuum sealing since you will be putting your items into storage for a long time. Bacteria stored inside the bag with your food can still ruin your food in the freezer or the fridge.

Decide if you are going to store your carrots with the skin on them or if you are going to peel them. It is usually a good idea to wash your carrots thoroughly and then peel them before storing them. You will be able to skip this step with already-peeled carrots or with baby carrots.

You will need to cut down the carrots to a more manageable size no matter what, so make sure that you check the size of your storage bags as well. The better your carrots fit inside the bag, the more likely it will be that they will stay fresh and tasty for the long term.

Carrots are easier to store effectively if you break them into smaller portions or consider chopping them into sticks or rounds. This can also help with being able to use your carrots right out of the freezer once they have thawed.

Carrots will store well no matter how small you cut them down before sealing them in your vacuum sealed bags. The choice of how small to make the portions is just down to personal preference.

Some Other Tips

If you have a bunch of large carrots, you should consider peeling them, then blanching them in cold water before you store them. This will help keep their outside layer fresh, and it will also make sure that they keep their color and look appetizing when they are thawed out.

This can be the one downside of storing in vacuum sealed bags for too long. Food items that have lost their color are never as appealing to consume as those that have kept their color.

Make sure as well that you dry your carrots before you seal them up. Excess moisture in the storage bags can lead to the breakdown of the carrots and make them mushy and less appealing to eat.

The more preparation that you do for your carrot storage process, the better they will hold up in the bags once they have been stored.

Make sure that you allow your carrots to thaw out on their own. Trying to rush the process will damage the texture and deplete the flavor of your carrots. This is true of many food items that you have stored in vacuum sealed bags, so always remember to be careful when thawing out your items.

Carrots Store Well in Vacuum Sealed Bags

Carrots are an ideal vegetable to store in a vacuum sealed bag because they are hardy, and they tend to hold onto their crispness and color over the months that they are in storage.

So long as you store your carrots dry and wash your hands before handling them during the sealing process, they will hold up well for months at a time. Always be sure to mark the date on the bags of carrots that you have sealed so that you do not forget to consume them before they go bad.

Your vacuum sealer can come in very handy if you hate wasting food, and carrots are one of the vegetables that store the best in this kind of process.

Being able to save money each month by preventing food waste can be a big benefit to using your vacuum sealing for most of your food storage needs.

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