Can You Freeze Mung Bean Sprouts?

Increasingly popular today, sprouts are an excellent addition to any diet. They’re a staple in Asian cooking but are now used in cuisines worldwide.

In addition to offering excellent taste, they’re also highly nutritious. And, they’re quite versatile: you can eat them raw in salads or as toppings and combine them in stir-fries, soups, and many other dishes.

Now that we’ve covered how awesome sprouts are, let’s not forget to mention how tasty mung bean sprouts are! These sprouts grow from soaked mung beans. They will supply you with impressive nutrients, including fiber and protein.

If you’re all about using mung bean sprouts in recipes, you may often wonder how to store them properly.

Is the fridge or the freezer a better solution? How can you maintain their recognizable crunchiness and flavor?

Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions and more info about proper mung bean sprout storage.

How to Store Mung Bean Sprouts?

Fresh mung bean sprouts are an awesome cooking ingredient But, one issue is that they don’t stay fresh for long.

They tend to go mush pretty quickly and no one wants mushy sprouts! With this in mind, to keep their crunchiness and freshness, you need to store them adequately.

Choosing the fridge over other methods of storing is the best way to maintain mung bean’ sprouts’ quality and safety.

Below, check out four practical and easy ways to store them and prevent them from going mushy:

  • Put them in a plastic bag

You can keep the mung bean sprouts in a simple plastic bag.

Close it at the top, and make sure there’s some air in the bag. In this way, you can prolong their freshness and keep them crunchy for three to four days.

  • Keep them in a plastic container and cover them with a paper towel

Put the sprouts in a plastic container and set a slightly damp paper towel on top. Then, put the remaining mung bean sprouts on top. Cover them with another paper towel.

It’s better to do it this way instead of going with one layer and then a paper towel. Keep them in the fridge.

The airflow will help keep them fresher for longer. However, you can’t expect them to be crunchy for an indefinite period. This method will help you maintain their freshness for five days or so.

  • Submerge them in water

Transfer the cleaned sprouts to a big container and cover them with water. Close the container with the lid and keep the sprouts in the fridge.

Change the water daily or every two days. By keeping your mung bean sprouts in this way, you will maintain them fresh and crispy for a week or more!

Can You Freeze Mung Bean Sprouts?

Many people freeze mung bean sprouts to prolong their lifespan. You can also choose this method of storing, especially if you don’t plan to eat the batch of mung bean sprouts right away.

But you need to take into account that they will lose their crunchy texture after they’re frozen.

You can take them out at whichever moment you need to, but don’t expect them to be suitable for salads or stir-fries because they won’t have the initial crunchiness.

Considering this, it’s always better to buy mung bean sprouts only when you plan to use them for a recipe within a week. Or, choose the fridge instead.

How Long Do Mung Bean Sprouts Last in the Fridge?

Keeping mung bean sprouts in the fridge is one of the most effective ways to store them for the best freshness.

Although they will maintain their optimal crunchiness and freshness for a week, they remain safe for consumption beyond this period.

If stored properly, you can consume them safely for up to six weeks.

To prepare the mung bean sprouts for consumption or cooking, rinse them with cool water. You can consume these edible, thin shoots raw or mildly cooked.

You will love their crunchy texture and balanced sweetness. You can use them for a variety of Asian cuisine dishes, but they’re also easily incorporated into any other cuisine.

Although you can consume them raw, it’s best to sauté or blanch them in hot water. This is to lower the risk of contamination. The hot water or the cooking helps destroy the bacteria.

Since their flavor is quite mild, adding some of your favorite seasonings will definitely up their yumminess. Sauté them with ginger or garlic and enjoy them starting today!

Are Bean Sprouts & Mung Bean Sprouts the Same?

Bean sprout is an umbrella term because it’s used when talking about all types of bean sprouts. They’re a common ingredient in Asian cuisine and the varieties are numerous.

You can purchase them in groceries or sprout them in your own veggie garden. Mung bean sprouts are one variety of bean sprouts. They’re sprouted from mung beans that are grown in east Asia.

But, today, these sprouts are available worldwide.

They boast a low-calorie amount and some awesome nutrients, including vitamin C, folate, and iron. Interestingly, sprouting elevates the flavonoid levels seven times and 24 times that of vitamin C.

Final Thoughts

Mung bean sprouts, a variety of bean sprouts, are a tasty and nutritious food that deserves more attention.

Sprouted foods have a lot of health benefits, including a higher amount of nutrients. They make a great addition to any type of diet but are popular in dishes from Asian cuisine.

However, they don’t keep their freshness for long. This is why it’s essential to store them properly. This will keep them crunchy and flavorful.

If you won’t be using them in cooking right after buying, keep them in the fridge. Although these methods are helpful, we always recommend buying sprouts when you’re planning a meal that includes them.

In this way, you needn’t worry about storing and you can enjoy their optimal taste and texture!

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